Our School EB 2,3 Soeiro Pereira Gomes - Portugal

Our school is located in a valley in the village of Alhandra, 30km south of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital city.

It has one library, one gymnasium, four school buildings, (A,B,C and D),a bar, a canteen, a staff's room, a playground, multiple computer rooms, one stationery and four labs.

In the school building A there is the staff's room, the headmasters's office and the library.

There are classes mainly in two school buildings, (B and C).

The school building B has three labs, a music room and regular classrooms and the school building C has one computer room. art rooms and regular classrooms.

In the lab, we can find a lot of materials and various substances that we use to do some experiments.

In the school building D there is a bar, a canteen and the stationery. In each school building there are two toilets, one for boys and one for girls. There is also a students' room where we can have a snack or chat with our schoolmates. In our school days, we talk to each other, and we walk around the school. Some of us like playing basketball or playing football with each other.

Students' room and bar

Our School (EB 2, 3 Soeiro Pereira Gomes) has Sciences related subjects (Chemistry , Mathematics and Science) Social Studies (History and Geography), and of course Languages, the Portuguese Language, our mother tongue and English and French, as foreign languages . In Science and Chemistry we learn a bit about nature, the human body, the environment and everything about our planet and the solar system . In History and Geography we study the past and the present. In languages we learn to communicate in other languages. In Portuguese, we improve communication in our own language.


There are also other technical subjects like ICT and Art, where we develop our Computer and Technological skills and learn how to draw, paint and create some forms of art. Physical Education is another subject from our curriculum, where we do some sports . After all, physical activity plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle.

The gymnasium is very big and there we can play football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, do gymnastics and play handball.
An artistic work made out of corks (recycling materials as a form of art)

Our school is big and beautiful.

Our school has one lake with fishes, and a cage with birds, too.

The tiles are inspired in the book "Esteiros" by our Patron Soeiro Pereira Gomes.

There is a vocational class from 9th grade, whose students are studying gardening. They are becoming experts on the subject.

Watering the plants

The playground has one football field and four basketball fields.

Our school has some sports clubs, like the trampoline club, the basketball club or the badminton club.

In our school we have the artistic learning class of dance and of music, since fifth grade. Students may choose between artistic learning and general learning. To attend it, it is necessary to do some tests and to be selected, too. When you're accepted, you do not have physical education, but you have about six hours of musical or dancing training per week.

Students learn how to sing and play musical instruments.

Our class is a special class in this school, because we attend an artistic learning class, specialized in music. We have three music related subjects: Instrument, Music formation and assembly class. When we're chosen to attend this class, we have to choose another branch in assembly class: choir and orchestra. With these extra subjects, we do not attend arts, image technology, or ICT.

An orchestra where students play some instruments.

Our school has many clubs and projects. The students can participate in various activities, so the school isn't boring at all. Our knowledge can go beyond with these projects.

We have the Science, Art and Technology Club, which works in the "Future Classroom". There, we work with new technologies, like a 3D Printer, experience robotics and we even have a green screen to record videos and edit them afterwards.

3D Printer

There's also the Drama Club, where the students act in a theatre play and they present it many times throughout the school year.

In our school the teachers are understanding but also demanding.

Sometimes, some teachers are not very nice and some teachers are so cool.

The teachers have a good relationship among themselves.

The students are funny but some can be a little disrespectful because they don't follow school rules and have a rude behaviour.

The relationship between teachers and students sometimes is not very good but in other cases it is excelent and they become so close. They are sometimes a second family.

In our school there are several activities and events during the school year. From the day we celebrate the School Day, to the Final Fair in June. Students, teachers and staff work together to develop the activities everyone is so proud of.

School events: Final Fair, Book Sales, School Day, Award Ceremony, Halloween, among others. Credits: pictures taken from the school's Facebook Page

To conclude, we think that our school is cool and nice, and some people don’t have the luck of having such an extraordinary school.

Hope you enjoyed our small trip around EB 2,3 Soeiro Pereira Gomes in Alhandra.

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