Florida Museum of Natural History Halie Adrid

Nature on display

Giant fish

One exhibit that was particularly interesting to me as the Waterways and Wildlife exhibit. I generally do not enjoy nature that much, but I like water. The entire exhibit was dark, and there were blue lights that went all around the rooms. They had large representations of fish and jellyfish that I found really cool.

I learned that there are SO MANY endangered species. I would not have learned this through another medium because I usually don't care to read stuff like that. The statues and lighting made the exhibit interesting, so I decided to read the content. I like the decorations of the exhibit. They were very large, and covered the ceiling and everything.

Me in front of a jellyfish

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly garden

Though the museum provided the opportunity to experience nature the way he intends, I wholly disagree with his entire position, and, in consequence, could not experience the museum in this way. I absolutely despise bugs, and the butterfly garden was actually the worst. I felt very uncomfortable, and went in and out of the garden as fast as I could.

Me in the butterfly garden

I did not go with anyone else, so I don't know how other people reacted to the exhibits. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature because the exhibits were very well done, and they engulfed you in them as you walked through them. The museum did not instill an ethical responsibility to nature because I fundamentally disagree with loving and befriending nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Shark Jaws

The museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives because it forces us to learn and see things we don't see every day. It is very different from daily life, and exposes us to things and information we would not experience otherwise. Learning about other things always help you understand yourself. We can appreciate the natural world through going to a museum like this because you are immersed in interesting facts that you would not come across otherwise.

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