The murder of Polly Klaas When justice changed all

The murder of Polly Klaas forever changed American culture by a foundation to help find missing children.

Polly Klaas foundation helped hundreds of families find their children.

Polly Klaas, an average American girl was having a sleep over with her friends. All of them were laughing enjoying themselves until a strange man came into their room: tied them up, and put pillow cases over their heads. This man took Polly and at moment that's when the town of Petaluma would never see Polly again. Eve Nichol, Polly's mother whom was sleeping did not hear them screaming. But luckily Polly's friends shimmied free from the ropes and ran to Eve (Polly's mother). Eve, panicking called the police to report her child was missing.

Cops represent how they pulled over Allen.

The criminal behind all of this was Allen Davis; He was a murderer/Kidnapper. Once Allen took Polly they drove off, but two hours after she was taken Allen had crashed. It was not clear if Polly was still alive at that moment. As that crash happened a property owner called the police and two sheriff's deputies showed up. Those deputies searched his car but found nothing. They should have known something was up if he was an ex-con and he just crashed.

American culture is the most known in the world.

How this murder changes American culture is by making a foundation to help missing or kidnapped children. Many people come together to help find the missing child, but it also puts fear into the American culture. The fear of "my child could be kidnapped." Polly's father said "Nothing can prepare you for something like this."-Marc Klaas. As this was hard to address it to the press after 20 years without seeing their daughter, "My wife and I had a difficult time figuring how we wanted to address this milestione."- Marc Klaas. That can damage a humans hear, coming from the parents on how difficult it was when they heard their daughter was gone. Now in today's society we have technology to help find the missing child. To help us bring them closer to safety.


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