A Long Way Gone Korinne + Courtney

Sierra Leone

This is a map of Sierra Leone located in Northwestern Africa.

Sierra Leone borders Liberia, Guinea and is the Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leone also consists of many waterways like the Taia River, Sewa River, Moa River, and the Rokel River. Sierra Leone has an abundance of diamonds sought by Americans and others. Sierra Leone's government today is a Presidental Constitutional Republic, but Sierra Leone was not always this way. Recently, Sierra Leone gained its independence from Great Britian on April 27, 1961.


The RUF stands for Revolutionary United Front. This is a rebel army that fought and a ten year war starting in 1991 and ending in 2002. The RUF was part of the Sierra Leone Civil War and played part in the recruitment of child soldiers. The RUF's , goal is to bring down the Liberian government, but became corrupt in doing so.

This is the symbol/ banner of the RUF.

The War In Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Civil War started in 1991 and ended in 2002. The war first began when the RUF, with support from the NPFL, intervened to try to overthrow the Joseph Momoh government (Liberian Government). During the war, extreme numbers of children soldier were being used to fight the war. The children soldiers were kidnapped and forced to fight, and in young girl's cases, they were sexualy abused.

Aid to Child Soldiers

Many different government organizations are playing part in stopping child soldier abuse. The Unitited Nations astanlished a peace-keeping promise in Sierra Leone, The Unitied Nations Childrens Fund organization provides protection for abused children, and the National Commission for Social Action provides relief and reconstruction programs. The UN provides rehabilitation for children with soldier abuse and continues to help rescue the abused.

Myanmar- Recently, the myanmar's army still continued to recruit child soldiers and force them to fight.

Syria- The ongoing war in Syria has contributed to children becoming suicide bombers for rebel groups.

Democratic Republic of Congo- Events like the abduction of children from their homes and forcing them to join the Lord’s Resistance Army still happens. A lot of girls and boys in the past were forced to fight.

Ishmael Beah

Two other videos we watched were:

Something we found about Ishmael Beah, is that he went through a lot more in his childhood then we originally thought. We also learned that Ishmael is working to help raise awarness about what happened to him.

Ishmael Beah is currently 36 years old. He attended Oberlin College. He used the descriptive writing method to write his memoirs. Hip Hop dance helped Ishmeal move on from his past troubles. Ishmeal is now currently a humans rights activist. Ishmeal's book "A Long Way Gone" in 2007 was nominated for a Quill Award in the Best Debut Author category.


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