Utopia Society Sequaia Anderson


Politics - IN beedon I AM not most definitely not the president because i think politics are so boring. Beyonce is our president, she was picked by popular demand. we still have the same 3 branches as the U.s. - Legislative, executive and judicial. the vice president of the united states is Lauren London, her and beyonce clearly make a great team. they've fixed lots of problems in this city unlike the u.s. nobody goes hungry here, and if they do they can go to a "Hunger home" to get fed. theres no homeless people, everyone in this city gets along - therefore the crime/murder rate is very low.
President Beyonce Knowles pictured with husband Jay Z.
ECONOMICS - people in this society aren't poor. beyonce, our president fixed homelessness and made sure there were jobs for everyone. so therefor everyone has money. College is still thousands of dollars but thats only because this society can afford it. If you visit here you'll see nice houses, nice cars just a decent city.
religion - In this city everyone believes in god and goes to church on sundays like usually. but every sunday is church day meaning the whole town is at church. That day is dedicated to god which is why everyone is there.
Social Structure - In Beedon, we are upperclass for sure. Houses are BIG Size and even some mansions. schools have enough money for sports, home ec classes, driving classes, after school programs, laptops, etc.
arts/entertainment - For entertainment here, theres lots of things to do. for babies theres a kid zone or kid land where babies or toddlers can go. kind of like disney land. theres tv characters that dress up, huge play pins, and games of all kind, for teenagers theres teen clubs that you can go out to. theres concerts, and places for them to hang out. and for grown ups theres 21+ clubs. and for everyone theres of course plenty of places to eat like white castle, innout burger, 54th street, theres even 5 star places where the food is very expensive.


Money - money in beedon is mexico money, but it says beedon on it - not mexico.
Beedon money.
Flag - the flag in beedon is blue, white, and green.
Beedon Flag.
Location - beedon is located east of mexico, which is one of the reasons why the money is similar.
Beedon map.
Pricing - Housing prices are 1500 and up for rent, it depends on how many on rooms and extras you have.
House located in Beedon.
animals - you can see exotic animals walking around like kangaroos, and jaguars but they are friendly so its a normal thing to people in beedon.
Vice president - Lauren london.
Vice president Lauren London.
Government house - the government is stationed right in the center of beedon where everything with the government is dealt with and where the president resides.
Brown house.
favorite food - a place that you will always see busy because it is everyones favorite is cheesecake factory.
Cheesecake factory.
Location - Beedon is 45 minutes from an upperclass part of mexico.
Border of Mexico.
Phones - Phones here are not iPhones like everywhere else, they are pear phones that you may have seen on icarly.
Pear phone.

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