foxconn collective bargain

Current situation

working hours:over 49 hours per week, disobey Chinese labor law before the fair labor association (FLA) vesitgation(Chinese labour law regular that 40 regular working hours +9 overtime is maximum for per work. Cheat workers to work overtime but do not pay enough overtime fee

Health And safety : workers are often exposed to harmful substance without being informed, factory regularly release toxic gas which cause respiratory problems. Lack of rest hours (lunch break depend on worker' performance, days off are rare) high working pressure

Compensation And social security insurance : factory do no pay for workers' social insurance, work injury insurance, workers need to pay by their money for insurance.

Collective agreement

working hours : shorten to 40 hours working hours per work , overtime is limited to 9 hours per work(must pay workers overtime wages)

Health and safety : workers should be offered protective equipment (such as protective clothing and mask) when they are exposed to working environment with harmful substance

Compension and social security insurance : Foxconn need to pay workers for their basic social insurance( not include in salary).if workers who have worked long enough time in the factory, based on the labor law they should have a reasonable compension from factory after retire

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