England Hockey : Diploma in Sporting Excellence : 2020-22 Programme Guidance

Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE)

Supporting talented young hockey players to combine hockey and education, developing skills, knowledge and competence to pursue sporting excellence alongside a career

Vision and Mission

To develop an oversupply of players who can ably transition into the England U18, GB Elite Development / England U21 Programmes with the potential to be world leading senior internationals

Deliver environments facilitating the development of robust, resilient and effective decision makers. Highly skilled players who are able to consistently execute technically, tactically and physically in the context of junior international hockey

Implement an inspirational developmental culture, where players take individual and collective responsibility for their performance, habits and behaviours on the field of play and beyond

DiSE will also support the development of skills and knowledge which may be applied in industry

What is DiSE?

The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sporting Excellence, is aimed at talented sports performers identified by England Hockey and provides athletes with the opportunity to gain skills, competencies and knowledge in performing within the elite sports training and competition environment

The learning programme supports the key messages which all potential England hockey players are required to understand. It is also aligned to other areas of education such as Clean Sport and Safety

The programme is delivered by England Hockey in partnership with Loughborough College and provides a structured training and development route for high potential hockey players

What topics are covered on DiSE?

DiSE Dual Career Pathway

DiSE is funded by the ESFA as a dual career pathway for athletes who have been recognised and nominated by their National Governing Body as having high potential. Sport England in conjunction with ESFA and DCMS are the owners of DiSE allocations, governance and legislation.

The programme is designed to be delivered alongside a player’s chosen higher education studies, such as A levels or BTEC. Players must be in full time education for the duration of the programme (but cannot be enrolled on an apprenticeship)

How does DiSE work?

The 2020-2022 DiSE programme will run over two academic years from November 2020-May 2022. It is delivered through a blend of camp based and remote interaction, supported by coaches, specialist practitioners and tutors

The 4 camps all take place during the 1st year of the programme and are typically held in school holidays

Learning is evidenced through:

Workbooks completed at camp

Progress review phone calls completed every 10-12weeks with a college tutor

Recorded professional discussions completed with a Loughborough College tutor

Logbooks to record training and competition hours

Programme Dates

Dates: 2020 Sunday 22 November - Induction through virtual platform, Residential Camps - December 21-23, 2021 15-16 February, 6-8 April, 24-26 July, 2-5 September (UK School Games)*

In addition to the dates above England Hockey will introduce 2-3 remote workshops. The dates will be communicated in due course, likely to run in the evening for 1-2 hours

At the time of writing we are still operating with an air of uncertainty about the return to competition and start of league activity. Should the hockey calendar require significant adjustment, this may impact on the dates. Any changes to camp dates will be communicated once known.

*Provisional dates for UK School Games. Not all players will be able to compete at the School Games. There will be a selection process, taking into consideration the application and competency of players across the four residential camps.

All residential camps are scheduled to be held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre other than UK School Games (tbc)

September 2021 - April 2022: Athletes will be required to continue their hockey training and complete 3-4 phone conversations with their Loughborough College tutor to complete their qualification

England Hockey’s commitment to inclusion

England Hockey is committed to developing a meritocratic and inclusive talent pathway. To achieve this England Hockey seeks to:

Expose the highest potential players to a high frequency of quality training and competition experiences, providing the right opportunities to realise their individual and collective potential

Proactively identify and remove prohibitive barriers, so it is attractive and accessible to a larger pool of talented sports people who have the potential to develop into world-class hockey players

England Hockey’s commitment to inclusion

England Hockey recognises a disproportionate number of players playing in our national teams, both senior and junior have come from an independent school background. England Hockey recognises the commitment and investment these establishments make in hockey. Many players benefit from increased contact time, delivered by professional, often full-time hockey coaches employed by their school. Not all players will be fee paying, many achieve scholarships after year 9 or year 11 based on their hockey ability

To support the achievement of its meritocratic and inclusion ambitions England Hockey have from 2019 re-positioned DiSE to support players who do not have access to a high frequency of hockey. Largely this applies to players who attend state funded schools

England Hockey’s commitment to inclusion

Sport England have been appointed by the government to oversee the operating standards and governance of the DiSE programme across all 23 participating sports. England Hockey’s positioning of DiSE is in line with Sport England investment approach in talent pathways. They have been very clear around their inclusion and diversity agenda related to Talent

“We will also support national governing bodies to explore any cultural, structural, operational or administrative barriers within their talent pathways, which might be limiting their appeal in attracting promising talent or leading to a loss of talent through the pathway”. Sport England Talent Plan

*From September 2020 legislation dictates players will need to attend a state funded school to be eligible for DiSE - see further information relating to Criteria for Application and Enrolment

Who is receiving this information and who should apply?

Players born between 1st September 2003 - 31st August 2004 who have been attending Performance Centre activity in 2019-2020 will receive an invitation to enrol on the DiSE programme

England U16 or U18 players born 1st September 2003 - 31st August 2004 will also receive this information and be invited to enrol onto the programme

Criteria for application and enrolment

Entering into Year 12 or post GCSE full time state funded* courses in either School or a Further Education College (excluding apprenticeships). Athletes must remain in full-time education for the duration of the DiSE programme

*The requirement to be on a state funded course does not apply to athletes attending a fee paying school if: They are in receipt of the school’s means-tested bursary of at least 50% fee remission; or The student is in receipt of a talent / ability-based scholarship of at least 50% but were this not to be the case then they would have otherwise qualified for the school’s means-tested bursary of at least 50% fee remission; or At least 50% of the student’s fees are being paid by a third sector organisation but were this not to be the case then they would have otherwise qualified for the school’s means-tested bursary of at least 50% fee remission.

At the time of enrolment, priority will be given to athletes who can attend all four camps and UK School Games. Please refer to dates listed in the earlier part of the presentation

What happens when you complete the programme?

At the end of the two-year DiSE programme players will receive the diploma as well as 64 UCAS points.

The diploma provides the foundations to progress as player and in other roles within hockey or wider sport such as:

• Coaching

• Umpiring and officiating

• Club Development

• Sports Science Specialist Support

UK School Games

UK School Games is a biennial event, one of only a small number of multi sports competition opportunities. In scale only the Olympics and Commonwealth Games features more sports and participating athletes. Players will be exclusively selected form the DiSE programme to participate in this event. Unfortunately not all players on the programme will be able to participate at this event

Only players who are fully up to date with the required academic commitments will be considered for selection to the UK School Games


100% commitment to the programme, DiSE camps and Performance Centres (where applicable)

18 month programme but all camps will take place in the first year of the programme to best align with mainstream academic commitments

England Hockey and Loughborough College will write to your schools/colleges informing them about the programme, inviting them to support your involvement

What happens next?

At the end of August players will receive further communication inviting them to enrol on the programme (once GSCE results are known)

70 places will be available for each gender. At the time of enrolment clear information around the process will be provided

A deposit of £200.00 payable at the time of enrolment. The deposit will be refunded upon successful completion of the 2 year programme. Players who go on to feature in the UK School Games will not receive a refund, the £200.00 deposit will instead cover the cost of participation at the event. No other camp or accommodation fees are payable

What happens next?

Should players or parents have any queries or questions relating to the DiSE programme, in the first instance please refer to the frequently asked questions which follow. Any further enquiries should be sent to dieter.hill@englandhockey.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

What time commitment is going to be required from DiSE athletes?

Athletes will be expected to attend the national camps and complete a small amount of portfolio work/preparation work and a logbook outside of camps. Athletes will also have a progress review (40 minute phone call) every 12 weeks with their dedicated Loughborough College tutor. Players will also attend Performance Centres where applicable.

Performance Centre Activity

Players born 1st September 2003 to 31st December 2003 may choose to commit to Performance Centre for another year in a training only context (paying on a pro-rata basis). This option is specifically aimed at players who have limited access to frequent, high quality training environments. If you do not undertake this opportunity, players will be asked to evidence the training load they will be undertaking on a week to week basis. The evidence will be requested at the point of enrolment, before a place on the DiSE programme is confirmed.

Those players born 1st January 2004 - 31st August 2004 must commit to Performance Centre activity in 2020-21. Given the unique circumstances presented by COVID-19 and the subsequent delays to certain processes. Any players who attended Performance Centre in 2019-20 who is not taken forward for 2020-21 may still enrol on the DiSE programme

What if I am in consideration for England U18 assessment?

In the situation where players would like to enrol on the programme but have also been invited in for assessment and observation with England U18's, you should enrol on DiSE in the first instance when the enrolment window opens. If successful beyond the assessment phase and remaining a part of the England U18 programme, a conversation will take place with the England Hockey Junior Talent Development Manager regarding next steps and load management.

Intake of Players

Boys and Girls will be allocated an equal number of spaces on the programme. Players will be allocated on a first come first served basis

Is there a place for all eligible players on the DiSE Programme?

All 430 players who attended Performance Centre in 2019-20 and current England U16/U18 players who meet the age criteria will be receiving this information. These players will also receive the subsequent enrolment information in August. The programme has capacity for 140 players. Please see the criteria in the early part of the presentation. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis when the enrolment window opens.

If you are unavailable for camp should you miss the whole of that particular camp?

Even if players cannot make the whole camp, there would still be significant value in attending the remaining days. The schedule can be manipulated for a small number of individuals so that 1:1’s can be completed on the days they can attend. Players who miss any part of camp would be expected to catch up any outstanding portfolio work away from camp in their own time

How much time will a player require outside of camp to complete the portfolio work?

With Loughborough College we have designed a bespoke model of delivery with time allocated on camp to complete the portfolio work. The majority of players who use this time diligently can complete all the work in the allocated hours. There are some brief tasks such as Nutrition Diaries, which need to be completed in advance of camp, and revisions to work previously submitted which would be done in the players own time. However this shouldn’t be a significant load. Any player who needs more time should communicate this to their Loughborough College tutor who will be supportive in finding a mutually agreeable solution

Should an injured player attend camp?

Injured players should communicate any injury to the England Hockey Performance Administrator prior to camp. Players should still attend, but may not need to attend the full camp

Are all the camps residential?

All camps are residential with players generally allocated twin rooms with en-suite facilities (subject to the latest government guidance at the time of camp)

Is the technical and tactical specifically tailored for GK’s?

GK Coaches will support each camp. The GK Coaches will also undertake 1:1’s with GK’s enrolled on the DiSE Programme

What role does the players educational institution play?

England Hockey asks that educational institutions are understanding and supportive of talented players commitment to the DiSE programme. For eligible players this is the next step in their developmental journey.

Will the DiSE programme impact the players academic studies?

The DiSE programme should sit alongside a player's academic studies and will not involve any exams. The programme requires athletes to complete a portfolio that will be completed during the camps. Part of the programme covers lifestyle management aiming to support players with their commitments and teach them effective time management.

Will I still be able to access the programme if I can’t attend all the camps?

The camp style delivery of the programme is engineered to maximise the opportunity for players to complete portfolio work while at camp. Should a situation arise where a committed player is unable to attend a camp or part of a camp, players will be expected to catch up in their own time within an agreed timescale.

Who will be responsible for preventing overplaying?

As well as clearly defined priorities in the centralised calendar which help to limit overplaying, a partnership will be engendered between athletes and their DiSE coach, so that, following a set of principles, the risk of overplaying is minimised. Athletes will be expected to take greater responsibility for communicating training priorities to club and school coaches but only with the appropriate level of support from DiSE Coaches

Will there be kit that we need to buy?

Players will wear their Performance Centre kit on camps

What times do the camps start and finish at?

Players will be asked to arrive at 10:00hrs. Camps will finish between 16:00 and 17:00hrs

Would there be support for individuals with dyslexia for the written pieces/more academic side of the course?

Yes. Loughborough College will work on an individual basis to provide any athlete with dyslexia or any other learning requirements with the support they need

How much hockey is there on camp?

Players can expect an average of three hours on pitch per day. Some days their may be two pitch sessions other days one pitch session. Pitch sessions are supplemented by practical Strength and Conditioning sessions

What do players bring to camp?

Before each camp players will receive a “Call up Letter” highlighting all the important information for the camp, including what to bring

If you have any further questions please do not heistate to contact:

dieter.hill@englandhockey.co.uk or Rachel.Laxton@loucoll.ac.uk