P211.T45 The scavenger hunt

P211.T45 is the title of a book found in Cooper Library. It is also a silo found near the ASC. The Silo was made of bricks and was very small with two benches on the inside. The silo also had the code and the word Cooper written on a metal disk found in the center of the silo. The silo leads to the discovery of the book in the library. The book had a lot of signatures and art by different students, but still had a great amount of pages blank for future inserts. Perhaps, the students signed the book because they wanted to leave their mark at Clemson or because they wanted to be a part of something big. The book also inspires other students to sign and keep the tradition going. I was inspired to leave my name and nickname along with my prediction of the 2018 NBA championship.

The book appealed to the emotion of each student that signed it. Each person had something different to say in the book. I saw signatures of students and what year they were graduating along with many different drawings and quotes. It was really nice to see that this book was well known and many students felt the need to write or draw in it.

I believe that I believe that the builder of the silo didn't just want to build a silo and leave it at that. The builder wanted to create something beautiful on campus and leave a small Easter egg for people to find. He/she wanted to leave his/her legacy and wanted a way for students to leave theirs. This is a unique way to bring the student body together to leave a part of their history on campus.

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