Missions Update January, 2019

Please pray for Carlos & Yolanda Casco, and stop by the Westside foyer to meet them between services January 5th & 6th!

  • Carlos and Yolanda live in Ecuador and travel all over Latin America to train pastors and church leaders!
  • They teach Inductive Bible Study seminars, which train people to study and apply the Bible.
  • They also lead marriage seminars, blessing others through the Word of God and their 55+ years of marriage.

Please pray:

  • For protection and provision on their many trips by plane, bus, boat, and motorcycle.
  • For continued open doors in Peru, where they travel deep into the Amazon jungle to train several indigenous groups.
  • For continued opportunities to minister in Cuba, where they recently led several Inductive Bible Study seminars. Please pray for them to be granted visas to return in April to teach the Song of Solomon.
  • Carlos just turned 76. Please pray for continued good health for them as they travel, and that God will make their strength like Caleb, in Joshua 14:11, who said, "I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then."
  • Pray for hearts to be prepared to receive the Word of God in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru in their scheduled classes in 2019. Please pray that God will continue to lead them where He wants them to serve.

If you'd like to donate to the Casco's ministry, please email kellyb@cwccs.org for giving instructions!

Breanna's House of Joy - Thailand

Praise God for Breanna's House of Joy, a ministry to at-risk girls in Thailand.

In 2018, four Breanna's House of Joy girls graduated from high school. Also, ten girls are among the top 10 in their classes! In March, 2019, five students will be graduating from college. Praise God for intervening in these girls' lives, and pray for their future impact on Thailand and the world!

Janice Evans - Ukraine

Thank you for your prayers for Janice Evans, our missionary to Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia have had increased hostilities lately, and parts of the country are under martial law, but Janice is in a safe area and close to borders where she can cross if necessary. Please continue to pray for the peace of Ukraine, and for the church to reach out in these times of conflict and stress.

Janice's ministry with her church continues with English club and Saturday night youth Bible study. She also supports a Bible study for teenage girls. Pray for salvations and discipleship in the Ukrainian church!

Central Asia

Thank you for those of you who prayed for "Gayle", a believer in Central Asia! She traveled 26 hours by train to share the Gospel with her family last month. Praise God for her boldness to share in a country and culture that is hostile to the Gospel and that she was able to share the full Gospel with her mother and brother. Please pray that God will open their hearts to respond to Gayle's message (Acts 16:14).

His Safe Haven, Liberia

Praise God for answering our prayers for His Safe Haven! They requested prayer last month for a newborn baby who was born missing a hand. They didn't have a foster mom to take care of another child, nor the resources to provide the care. BUT GOD provided a mother willing to take the little boy in, and also provided full funding for his care!

Linda Weber, France

Thank God for the faithful ministry of Linda Weber, CWC missionary to Lamorlaye, France.

Please pray for:

  • Continued fruitfulness in the new Lamorlaye church plant.
  • Angelica, a friend of Linda's who is active in the gospel choir Linda leads. She became a Christian a year ago. Please pray for her continued joy in the Lord and growth. Pray for a home for Angelica.
  • Valerie & Herve', neighbors whom Linda meet with once a week for English lessons. Valerie was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. A week after she started chemotherapy, their 21-year-old son committed suicide. Through these extreme difficulties, Linda has had more opportunities to share the hope of Christ with them. Please pray for continued spiritual openness and growth.
Eddie & Barbie Broussard

Praise God for Eddie & Barbie Broussard, who lead the Navigators in Eurasia and Latin America!

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom as they assist new Latin America Regional Directors Roberto and Rosana.
  • Wisdom in preparing for an International Executive Team meeting with all the Regional Directors.
Karen Hulbert

Please continue to pray for Karen Hulbert of Sets the Captives Free ministry, which provides Bible Studies and support to women coming out of incarceration and also to troubled teens.

• Praise for the woman who finished the program and is now off parole.

• Praise for the teen who finished the program and is doing well. She graduated from high school with honors!

• Pray for the new woman who is meeting for Bible Study and will start horse therapy soon. Pray for freedom from bondage.

Nolan & Marie Schockey - Juarez, Mexico

Thank you for praying for Nolan & Marie Schockey, CWC missionaries to Juarez, Mexico, as they transported Christmas gifts into Mexico during a period of increased border tensions!

Lots of stockings, candy, Kool-Aid, and toys for their 10 kids' programs made it across without any problems. One day, Marie had a car full of filled stockings and they were stopping all the cars ahead of her. Marie was waved across without even stopping. Another day, all the lanes had green lights for clear passage, which is unusual even when border security is normal.

Also praise God for Victor & Isaias, their student pastors who are teaching Bible Studies at the police academy. Last week, 50 transit police unexpectedly visited their class. When the Gospel was shared, 14 out of the 50 accepted Christ! Praise God for these servants of God who are being prepared to preach the Gospel in season and out of season. Pray that they continue to experience God's power in their lives and ministries!

Harris Family - Uganda

Praise God for the opportunity Matt & Noelle Harris had to teach a marriage seminar in Pabbo, Uganda!

The Acholi people of Uganda face temptations such as polygamy, abuse, alcoholism, and child neglect. Matt & Noelle were blessed to explain how marriage is a picture of the Gospel and how families can have peace by living a lifestyle of repentance before Jesus Christ.

Pastor Otim & Dorish - Uganda

Please pray for Pastor Otim & his wife Dorish, who lead the church in Pabbo and attend Matt's pastor training classes. Pastor Otim shares that Jesus radically transformed him from an alcoholic, an adulterer and a brawler into a man of peace who loves his family and community. He founded Hope and Grace Church in Pabbo 15 years ago, and the church has gone on to start 4 more churches.

Hope and Grace Church, Uganda

• Pray - That God would give Pastor Jacob wisdom to lead God's people.

• Pray - That God would send them the funds for a church building.

• Pray - That God would ground the church in the truth of His Word as they learn the great depth of love He has for them.

Bob & Esperanza Simons - Latin America

Praise God for the continued open doors for Bob & Esperanza Simons to minister in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico. Pray as he begins training pastors every 2 weeks, starting January 14. Please pray that God would provide for study materials, computer software, and travel.

Join the global work of missions by remembering our missionaries in prayer or supporting a missionary personally.

CWC missionaries receive only a small part of their mission funding and living expenses from the church. They are dependent on individuals who give.

When you pray or give, YOU are part of the Great Commission - going into all the world to spread the Gospel!

Be a part of the work God is doing at Calvary Worship Center!

Use your gifts to send CWC missionaries! In just 30 minutes a month, you can help pass out missions prayer cards after the service you regularly attend. Other options: help with Facebook posts, attend a missionary potluck, help with supply drives, or write encouraging cards to missionaries. If God is stirring you to participate in another way, please let us know!

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email us at kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!


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