Ranking the Contributions of the Qin Dynasty to the Chinese Society Through the P.E.R.S.I.A rubric

1. The Qin's best contributions to China is the way that they advanced their Economy through unifying all of China and expanding the Great Wall.

For example, this dynasty developed many important buildings that established their superiority over other nations. They expanded the Great Wall of China which kept barbarians and other invaders out and kept the Chinese in. This also helped protect other dynasties from invasion, which is one reason how the Qin contributed to China. Another way the Qin contributed to the Chinese society is how the emperor, Shi Huangdi, united all of China which no other dynasty has ever done before. They defeated many existing provinces and dynasties which took around a decade. Without the unification of China, many other dynasties could not have had the amount of success they had.

The Great Wall of China

2. The Qin dynasty contributed to China by developing their form of Politics, which was adapted by dynasties that followed

The Qin dynasty contributed to the Chinese through their refined use of politics which was seen and adapted by later dynasties. For example, the Qin was the first dynasty to invent the rule of emperor, which contributed greatly to their success. Shi Huangdi, the first emperor, helped unite all of China. Also, Shi Huangdi restructured the lower states in China and became in charge of many primary organizations. This helped him be very successful and very well liked by the lower class until he was selfish and took land away from them. This later led to many attempted assassinations on him by the people and this caused him to try to make himself immortal by drinking mercury. This later led to his death and was buried in a massive tomb filled with clay-like soldiers and was later remembered as one of the great emperors of China. In addition, his philosophies of ruling were passed down to later emperors, which mainly helped their success.

Shi Huangdi

3. The Qin also contributed to the Chinese Arts by refining their building methods and techniques

The Qin dynasty contributed to the Chinese arts through their new building techniques as shown in the construction of the Great Wall as well as the Terracotta soldiers and Qin Shi Huangdi's massive and very detailed tomb. These methods were passed down to other dynasties which helped them expand the Great Wall and build other great structures like the Grand Canal. Also, the Qin built many designs and models out of new substances like clay that also showed their interest in Chinese art and their prowess for building.

One design made of clay that was established under the Qin

4. The Qin dynasty contributed to the Chinese Intellect by standardizing their written script which allowed people and scholars to communicate better.

The Qin managed to develop the Chinese intellectual level by completing two things. First, the Qin standardized their written script which allowed many more people like scholars to communicate better and this new idea thrived within their society. Another way that the Qin contributed to this growing society intellectually is by introducing legalism (a Chinese philosophy that followed strict laws) which impacted them both intellectually snd socially. This philosophy impacted them positively as far as intellect goes, because this expanded the mind of the every day citizen to know what is good and bad.

Standardized written script originally from the Qin dynasty

5. The Qin dynasty contributed to the Chinese Society by building more roads and creating a currency.

The Qin dynasty contributed to the Chinese society by building many roads that served as transportation for many citizens and soldiers. This enabled this citizens to also trade goods which established China as a good trade route which helped them thrive. Also the emperor developed a currency that was used throughout all of China and helped other dynasties too.

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