The Story Saints 2016 - "Love thy Self"

At last I am able to return the 'Kamandi' compilation to Paradox. As it comes to align, we are to intersect in perfect synchrony with Mathers, our shared ally from the wildelands of Topanga.

Paradox and I meet on the edge of Fellowship and Question. Such is a learning experience for me to go deeper into this quality of invitation and inquiry as compared to the pattern of awareness and declaration. Such things feel different, in the textures, bearing different patterns upon the fields of the Conscious. Such occurs for me as the deepening landscape of violets and moonlight, of receiving and inquiring the emanation of the beings I encounter. Beneath the surface of the manifestation, such feels like the same Quality of consciousness being asked of me in this next phase of my evolution.

For a long time, I have felt a demand to include Paradox in the Mythica. To hold space for HIS Story. There is a quality of similar between us, our devotion to the motion arts, the magick, the channels of Story and Myth. We share an understanding of the Truth behind comic books, the gateways to power unhidden within the pages. It is a thing of kinship, that I feel, my brother in Story. Such is a thing Mathers had picked up immediatley, when we first encountered each other in the Mythica in sacred Topanga during 'Bards of Topanga'.

Mathers speaks often of "field generators" - im speaking into their listening

Such is a beautiful thing, for the Air is thick with Story. There is such a gravity to my allies, a sensual distinction that marks the clarity of an embodiment. In which we, by our very Nature of inspired authenticity, radiate the essence of Story in bright presence.

As I feel into the Mythica, it is the bifrost, the rainbow bridge, of travel across the realms, of devotion to Story, of mantra and magicks, wonders and virtue that arraigns. A sense of confluence and meeting in the weave, embraced by the gravities of dancing Worlds.


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