My Philosophy

My educational philosophy is, and always will be, to find a way. Find a way to reach students and teachers, every last one of them. Find a way to make my content, which is sometimes difficult, make sense to each and every person that I am instructing. I find ways to help make using our gradebook a little easier, and a little less stressful. I find new technology and web sites for teachers to get their students excited about learning!

How do I find a way? I put technology to work to make my life, my students' lives, and the teachers' lives easier! Students who find the material easy to understand are more willing to work and put forth real effort. My classroom is an open and inviting environment for students to find success. If I were to find myself in an office, the environment would carry over. I pride myself in creating a work area where students can take a deep breath, relax and create impressive projects. We work together and push each other to think outside the box when it comes to graphic design and animation. Not only does my classroom have an open door for students, many administration and staff members find it open when they need assistance with technology.

I would love the chance to show you my Google Classrooms, Hovercam tutorials, our Quizizz games that I use for assessment, and many more techniques that I have found to reach my students and teachers. The videos below are just a sample of the tutorials that I provide for my students' and teachers. They can access these videos in my classroom, at home, or on their phones...whenever they wish!

What's My Why?

In my 14 years of being in the classroom, I have become very passionate about the need for technology across all content areas. While I may be bias to technology, I have found that when my students are presented with fun, innovative ways to learn that they 'buy-in' to what we are learning. I have found that teachers are the same way! When I find a cool, new site or app to use...I have to find a way to use it immediately. I want all teachers to experience that desire! My why, for what I do, is simply technology. Technology for students, to make learning more accessible and enjoyable. Technology for teachers, to make their jobs easier and to reach more of their students. I can't wait to put my WHY on display for Cy-Fair and to become an asset to your amazing team of Bobcats!

When My Students Need Help!

When teachers need help!

Need a staff development presenter?

we need to reach these kids about social media dangers!

Graphic designer . social media guru!

Where should we be looking?
Weekly social media graphics!
Need posters promoting for clubs?!
Program covers!
Out in the community!
Prom tickets!

This is just a handful of what I can provide to your campus!

What can Mrs. Owens provide as a Campus Instructional Coach?

  • Video tutorials for teachers and students
  • Social media guidance for administration, teachers, and students
  • Community relations and social media management for campus
  • Campus website liaison
  • Teacher Access Center Liaison
  • Provide staff development on technology integration
  • Technology days! Bring Mrs. Owens into your classroom to provide tech training for your students before teachers start a project that requires students to use unfamiliar software/apps!

I appreciate your time!

Contact Information:

(cell) 832.326.9426


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