Good Life Preformance Ravi patel

The Spatial Experience

When I first entered the building and auditorium the lighting was lower/dimmed so that made me feel ready for the play and calmed whatever was going through my head. My seat was in the very middle and so that was convenient to see the set equally on both sides and the facial expressions of the actors. When the lights dimmed even further and the audience quieted I felt immersed into the set as if I was apart of the stage in a sense. The stage was large enough to where I felt like I was part of the play and that may be because of the set. Place plays an important role in the good life because your spatial perception plays a large part of what goes through your mind and how you think about things so being in a place that you feel comfortable helps with thoughts about enlightenment.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with one other friend and before the play we read the short background which helped keep our minds in a certain time frame that the performance took place in. Attending it with two friends I think is better than with a larger group only because I feel like in a smaller group size you start to feel more immersed in the play. But it is also advantageous to go with a group because you can talk about the play after. Shared experiences are important to the Good Life because people come from different backgrounds so their perspective on an experience may be completely different and its important to look at things from all perspectives.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The play helped me realize that the problem of sexual assault and low socioeconomic struggles existed way in the past and is still just as prominent in todays society. I knew that there were some of these problems associated with the Church and people tried to just turn a blind eye at times but this performance brought it to my attention once again. It does not parallel with anything happening in my life but it still exists in other peoples lives meaning its still an important issue to be dealt with.

The Emotional Experience

This performance definitely provides the audience with an opportunity for katharsis because it deals with sexual assault under the surface. Dealing with this topic makes the audience unavoidably self reflect on a matter that is socially uncomfortable to talk about sometimes. To get these emotions out and to reflect on this is part of kartharsis and the performance did a great job of doing that.


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