Erasmus+ Meeting in Como, Italy 🇮🇹 youth@home in Europe, November 10-16, 2019


My alarm rang at 3:30 and I was very tired. I couldn’t really sleep that night because I had been too excited! The week before Colin had offered that his parents could take me to the airport. So I said goodbye to my parents and we arrived at the airport quite early. After checking in we boarded the plane, we had to take a bus to get to the plane. It was a propeller plane what surprised me a bit because I thought it would be a bigger plane. During the flight I tried to sleep. When I woke up I saw the Alps under us covered with snow, this was really beautiful.

At the airport of Milan we picked up our baggage and then we met the host families.

I really got a very nice family again what made me very happy! They live in Belagio, a town right on Lake Como. Later the day we had lunch what was a typical Italian dish but unfortunately I forgot the name. In the afternoon, after I had rested a bit, we drove around in Bellagio by motorcycle. Martina, my host, has a motorcycle license. It was really cool and a lot of fun ! In the evening we had dinner, a Risotto and very delicious. I went to bed very early that evening because I was terribly tired. Ben


I woke up at 6:30 and got ready for the day. We left the house at quarter past 7 to get our bus to Como and arrived at 8 am and Marco, my host, introduced me to his classmates.

When everyone was there the headmaster held a speech and we started with our presentations about the topic "The future of Europe".

After a few speeches the students presented us a theater play called "The ghosts of the past" or "proud to be European". It was about how famous people from Europe, for example Marie Antoinette, Einstein or Volta, could help Europe become more unified. The Italian students really did a good job.

Then the Italian students showed us their school. It used to be a silk factory. They modernized the school and today most of the students learn about designing, weaving and creating fabrics, mostly of silk. This was very interesting, also because the school has many laboratories for chemistry. Many students are hired by companies like Armani and D&G right after school. They are very lucky😀

After the tour we were all very hungry, therefore we were more than happy to get our lunch. It was lasagne (I liked it and I am not a lasagne lover) and as second dish meat with potatoes and champignons. For dessert we got a little cake with cream, it was okay but not our favorite.

After lunch we had to get into groups, all mixed between the Italian, French, Norwegian, Portugese, Greek, Slovenian and German students. Our topic of the week was „us and Europe“ and what we think of being @ home in Europe. We brainstormed a while before going out into the stormy weather outside.

We then made a "city rally" but actually a tour through Como on a rainy and stormy day. Max


Today is the "Silk"-day as I want to call it. We arrived just on time and went directly to the silk museum next to and under the school. It was quite interesting. We learned about the silk worms and how they were cared for, fed mulberry leaves and put „to bed“ on trays with branches where they could spin their cocoons .

The museum was full of old machines and we were shown how the silk was dyed and colored, by using wooden stamps or metal rolls.

Today, everything is computerized and we were able to make our own designs on a plotting table.

After the silk museum we got a lunch bag from the school (sandwich, apple, water) and walked through the town to the lake. We stopped by the A. Volta museum before we went on a bus to get to a silk factory.

The factory was way more interesting than the museum. They got a really big library with old books about the patterns of the last 200 years.

We could see the collection of the textiles they produced. Then they showed us their production hall and offices. This company produces the fabrics many of the famous lables- Armani, Gucci, Versace- we saw them all, but we were not allowed to take pictures- sorry 😐

After the very interesting tour we went back to school, wrote down our first ideas for our projects and then were free for the rest of the day. Max


I got up again at 5:45, showered and had a little bit for breakfast. We always get driven to the boat station, every morning we take the boat at 6:45. It’s not like a normal ferry, it’s a special boat, a Hydrofoil. A very fast boat that comes partly out of the water while driving. Very cool...

It takes about 45 min. to get to Como by boat. When we arrived we had to walk another 20 min. to school. At school we had to wait a little bit and then we drove to Milan by private coach with all of the students and teachers, so 56 people.

After arriving in Milan we first visited an art museum called Mudec- Museum of Design and Culture. We saw a very interesting exhibit on japanese Art. You could see kimonos, vases and many drawings. The museum also had a cool shop, unfortunately the things sold there were very expensive.

It was planned to visit the Armani museum but unfortunately it was closed because they were preparing a new exhibition.

So the bus took us to the city center. We got off the bus and walked through a big park to get to the castle. It was very big and old and it had a huge yard in the middle surrounded by thick walls and towers. From there we walked to the beautiful cathedral "Duomo di Milano". I really liked it but there was a huge crowd in front of it and you had to pay to get inside.

We split up into smaller groups and could walk through Milan on our own. We walked through the "Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ll", huge galleries with all the expensive fashion brands. We passed by Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton... and so on.

Later we had something to eat called Panzeroti, like a Pizza only folded together. It really is delicious!

After eating we walked around Milan and had a look at some shops. We came to the Apple shop which is really cool. It’s underground and you can only see a big glass house and an Apple symbol.

Then we walked to the modern district of Milan where the banks and companies have their buildings. We saw the vertical gardens, high buildings nearly completely covered by plants and trees.

Then it was time to go back to the meeting point near the cathedral.

And we all walked back to the bus and drove back to Como where Martina and I took the boat to Bellagio. In the evening we had dinner and I went to bed at around 10 and I had never felt so tired. 😴 Ben

When we got back we walked around Erba, the town where Sara lives, with Melissa and Colin, and went to a small shopping mall where we met friends at MC Donalds. In the evening we went to Melissa and Colin and had dinner. Later we watched stars and the moon through a telescope on her balcony and then taught them German words. It was funny. At about 11pm we went home. Lisa


Like yesterday we took a bus at 8h30 from school. But this time, our destination was Bellagio. Everyone was impressed by the view. It was amazing. We took a lot of pictures.

Bellagio is a small town north of Como by the lake. Many wealthy people live here and there are a lot of small shops and cafés. Some of the students from our host school live here and come to school by boat.

After a little tour through Bellagio and some time at the lake side we took the bus to a restaurant on the very top of a mountain. It was quite cold and there was some snow on the ground.

After lunch we went outside and had a snowball fight all together. Then we drove back to school, had to work on our presentations and at 16h30 we had a free afternoon. Lisa


Today it was the last day of the exchange week. Everyone was sad. In the morning we had the lessons of our hosts, but the foreign teachers taught us. Sara and I had a lesson with the French teacher. We talked about refugees. After the lesson we went in our groups to work on the topic of the week: we had to talk about what makes us feel european. After we finished we had an art workshop at school, where we designed the logo of "Youth@home.in-europe" with cloth.

In the evening we all met at school- the students, teachers and parents. First three Italian teachers sang some songs from operas and musicals. It isn’t my kind of music but I was very impressed. Then we presented our results of the project. We had made a poster about things that make us feel european, other groups had videos. It was amazing to see how well we all had worked together and I think everyone was proud of what we had all done.

The parents had prepared a wonderful buffet and there was so much to eat.

Even though everyone was sad we had a nice evening together and we danced, sang and ate while we talked and laughed. As the party was over, the first people began to cry. It was so sad, but we all promised to meet again. Lisa

I woke up at 6 am and left my home at 7 am. By bus it tooks us almost one hour until we arrived at school. At about 8.10 am we all had lessons with the teachers of the other countries. I took part to the lesson of the French teacher who talked about immigration. Later we had to work on our presentations for this evening. At about 12 o'clock we had lunch, pasta and then vegetables and pork. After that we continued working on our presentations. Later at about 4 am we drove back home where I had a snack and relaxed. At 6 am we went back to the car, to drive to the closing event of our Erasmus trip, one of the saddest moments for us all, because we had to leave these great people after such a wonderful time. At the beginning of the closing event we went upstairs to a room where we presented our prepared presentations after listening to a small opera concert. After that we went back downstairs to the buffet, ate and talked while music was playing. The event came to its end, we had to say goodbye and we sadly drove back home. Colin


The day of depature. Sara and I woke up at 9. We got dressed and headed out to the city center of Erba to have breakfast with her parents. One hour later we went to the lake, but we didnt stay long, because we had to go back to Sara's home to get my suitcase and go to the Milano airport. At the gate we all hugged and kissed each other and said thank you and good bye. It was really sad and we all cried.

At about 5pm we were back in Germany.

I really loved the exchange, for me, it was the best I have ever had. I found a lot of new friends and collected a lot if experiences. I really loved that everyone was so kind. I plan to go back to Come next summer.

I think the Erasmus project is a really nice thing, in which more countries should be involved. It strengthens the realtionship between the students of Europe and you can travel and learn new things.

Im proud to be a part of Europe and this project and I will always remember the things I saw, I learned, and the people I met. Lisa

The End 😢