Elements and principals by jenna cave

line: a point moving in space, the lines are telling the trian the way to go
shape: an element of art that is 2D, the artist made the flowers different shapes
value: the lightness and darkness of tones or colors, they used light for the sky and darker colors for the rocks
color: and element made of 3 properties: hue, value, and intensity, there are several colors
texture: an element that refers to the way things feel or look as they might feel, it looks like
form: an element of art that is 3D, the bricks look 3D
space: an element of art that creates a sense of depth, they made it have value
movement: a principal of design used to guide the viewers eye, the light is going in lines
rhythm: indicates movement, they are curved lines
Balance: way of combining elements to add a feeling of stability , they have the same colors and shapes on each side
unity: a way of combining parts in a work of art so they seem to belong together, they are going in lines and they match
emphasis: when one area in a work of art stands out more than the other, the light is brighter and bigger than the rest
contrast: a difference created when elements are places next to each other in a work of art,the green leaves are all aligned


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