The U.S.-Mexican War Chapter 16 Section 1

1. Many Mexicans were unhappy about the annexation of Texas.

2. They feared that annexation was just the first step and that the United States wanted to take over all of Mexico.

3. The U.S.-Mexican War was declared on May 13, 1846.

4. This war is also called the Mexican-American War.

5. Thousands of volunteers rushed to join the army when the call for war came.

6. In Texas, many people welcomed a chance to fight against their old rival Santa Anna.

7. Former president of Texas Mirabeau B. Lamar and Texas revolutionary Albert Sidney Johnston also volunteered.

8. Several of the Texas Rangers who joined the U.S. forces during the war served as scouts.

9. Offensive- a major troop advance.

10. The new commander was Winfield Scott.


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