Social Media Marketing for Redbull Andres Royo & Isabel Fernandez

Red Bull is one of the world's most well known and extraordinarily adored energy drinks. Well known by students, sports aficionados, famous people, laborers and the ordinary individual requiring a lift for their day, they have an amazingly wide and varied crowd. Red Bull is accessible in more than 167 nations around the world, has been around for a long time with more than 50 billion cans having been sold. Their marketing strategy focuses on their users and their brand name as a sponsor for extreme athletes. By using their leverage as a famous sponsor Red Bull can use a number of different platforms to allow their users to both access their product and express themselves.

The Power of Sponsoring

This strategy incorporates both forums and online communities

How RedBull Sponsors

Red Bull can harness their already well established brand name as an "extreme" sports drink and promote free advertising through sponsoring. By offering to sponsor athletes who prove themselves worthy of the thrilling and daring image they promote, Red Bull can generate thousands of hours of free video footage proving just what their product can help provide. They can host a platform where aspiring extreme athletes can post their video proving why Red Bull should sponsor them. This creates awareness for the brand and engages anyone and everyone looking for an exciting video, without seeming excessively like an advertisement that people would be more likely to skip over.

Social Media Tagging

This strategy can incorporate microblogging and folksonomy.

Ever since the creation and exposure of social media to the world, it has been a essential that businesses and organizations have a solid online awareness. Redbull has a lot of news feeds loaded with many stories from a wide range of companies. They make people want to click on their content by showing them what they want to see. One of the ways redbull sticks out is by tagging properly. It is essential for redbull to create content to attract a larger audience. They are a clear example of an organization that creates a lot of content for a specific kind of audience.

Companies use these kind of tags to spread awareness in the market to expose their company to a wider audience. Tagging would allow Redbull to become more popular since people are more connected to media nowadays than anything else. Red bull was originally seen as a beverage used for parties and drinking but later on got popularized with all their tags on extreme sport videos using athletes showing a new brand image and the potential that RedBull had. Most of the recognized extreme sport athletes now consume RedBull, either because they are sponsored by them or for their own personal enjoyment, making the marketing even easier for them. All ReedBull has to do is just put #RedBull under any video or post that applies to their brand image. By doing this RedBull has can create a much wider and well known identity than before.

Video Sharing

This strategy also uses RSS in some cases

By having their own webpage that accumulates all videos relevant to their customer base RedBull can be relevant all throughout a consumers day. RedBull provides live streams of both interesting content to their brand image and events they sponsor which allows them to integrate themselves even further into a person's day because they developed a way to simultaneously entertain and advertise.


Red Bull Media House completely coordinates online networking promoting into each project. From specialized coordination on advanced properties to substance procedure for social channels, nearby reconciliation at occasions, and research into client sharing examples like video-sharing that shows different video advertisements ways for red bull, social tagging that expresses and shows awareness of red bull with just a tag, and stunts, everything centers around the shopper. The outcome? High-impact informing that is both original and individual.

Using this marketing strategy Red Bull will be exceedingly effective and inventive in online networking ideas. With an online community group of more than 35 million supporters over all committed social channels, the incorporated approach makes Red Bull a standout amongst their competitors and an adaptable media organizations on todays society.

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