Life in the Elizabethan Era Junyl Yuson Period 1

Thesis; Life during the Elizabethan Era was harsh for many people, but very easy for the Higher Class because of laws and regulations, social class, and the constant struggle to survive.

Theater was a very popular form of entertainment for all people during the Elizabethan Era, even the King and Queen.

" the course of Shakespeare's lifetime, the courts of Queen Elizabeth I and King James I gave prestige to acting" (Boyce).

Not everyone during the Elizabethan Era thrived.

"Not everyone prospered during the Elizabethan Age. Strict rules regulated clothing, land ownership, marriage, and religion"(Bumgardner).

These are instruments from the Elizabethen Age. If you were wealthy, you had to know how to play a musical instrument.

"People liked music, and wealthy people were expected to play musical instruments on social occasions" (Bumgardner).

Everyday as a peasant was a constant struggle and grind to survive.

"Peasant life was usually fairly stable, but there was almost no chance of escaping the grinding toil from one generation to the next" (Elizabethan World Reference Library).

Most of the lower class were farmers and very little of the land were used for themselves.

"They farmed the land: about one-third of the land solely for the lord; a portion to support the local church; and the rest for their own use" (Elizabethan World Reference Library).

The vast majority of the people living in the Elizabethan Era were not nobles, and had to work very hard to make an extremely small amount of money to live of off.

"Historians agree, though, that daily life for the majority of Elizabethans had little to do with courtly life, and much to do with working hard to earn a meager living" (Elizabethan World Reference Library).

The sick and elderly had to rely solely on the lords of their land to stay alive and get food.

"The sick and elderly relied on the kindness of the lord for survival. Peasant life was usually fairly stable, but there was almost no chance of escaping the grinding toil from one generation to the next." (Elizabethan World Reference Library).

Shakespeare's father being what is essentially mayor allowed Shakespeare to get into Stratford grammar school which was a very prestigious school.

His father, John, was a shopkeeper and a man of some importance in Stratford, serving at various times as justice of the peace and high bailiff" (Anderson).

During the time, theater was not a popular form of entertainment until long after Elizabeth I since there was not a single theater created yet.

"Not a single theater existed in England until well after Elizabeth I" (Elizabethan World Reference Library).

There was not many written records about the lower class of the Elizabethan Era since most people did not know how to write.

"Members of the lower classes in England were mainly uneducated, so they did not usually keep journals or written records describing their own lives" (Elizabethan World Reference Library).


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