Olympic Games Research Project by: jose perez

Water Polo

  • It was invented in Great Britain around the nineteenth century.
  • The sport was originally very tough and physical to play.

How is water polo played ?

  • The game consist of four quarter time periods in which two teams have to throw a ball in their opponents goal.
  • There is six field players and one goalkeeper in play on each team.

Water Polo Records

  • Most goals scored by an individual in a Water Polo Olympic tournament is 21 which was accomplished by Maggie Steffens.
  • Longest penalty shootout was won by U.S. women's team which lasted 20 rounds.

Table Tennis

  • Table Tennis also known as "ping-pong" was invented by the English in the late 1800s
  • London hosted the first ever World Championships in 1926.

How Table Tennis is Played

  • A match is played best of 5 and first to score 11 points. But player must win by two points.
  • Table tennis is like a miniature version of tennis.

Table Tennis Records

  • The longest table tennis rally lasted 8 hours and 40 minutes in the London in march 2014.
  • China has had the most success in table tennis in the Olympics.


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