The effects of the industrial revolution By jacob JANSEN Hr.6

The Industrial Revolution was a time that the world started to advance in technology. This revolution created many new jobs and advancement. The revolution started when new ways of transportation, communication, and mass production helped boosted the economy. Without the industrial revolution we may not be as advanced as we are in the current world. Unfortunately, there were many unethical practices and that is putting it lightly. The Industrial Revolution helped America in many ways but the problems were too much to handle and helped fuel America's biggest disgrace. I am here to tell you that it was a curse because of the child labor, poor working conditions, and even worse the increase of slavery

Child labor was a severe problem during the industrial era and is still a problem today. Child slavery was a common practice during the industrial era. It was useful because as cheap labor they can do jobs that most bigger adults can't do, the unfortunate thing is that they are still just children and they often were severely hurt and in some cases died. The children commonly worked so there family could have extra money. Child labor was a curse because it took a kid from school and fun and put them in a dangerous, small, and unsanitary place. Often timesmade just enough so they can eat. This was just horrible and that is completely immoral. Some people did try to make these things right but still the conditions were unbearable. The issue is troubling because they made money by putting their life on the line.

Poor working conditions were not uncommon. It was even rare to find a job that had good working conditions. Since this was so common it was considered ok, but it was not. Good working conditions are important. If the conditions are too poor the employees could go on strike and cause the business to lose money. If the working conditions are unsafe then people can die and that is horrible and simply messed up. Poor working conditions are obviously a curse when somebody makes a stupid mistake and someone gets hurt. There are even tv shows about it, When it's your job and your life is on the line then it becomes a lot less funny. Unsafe working conditions can have an effect on the people receiving the product. We see news reports that a factory collapses or a company has been treating employees poorly every so often on the news but that was already happening back in the Industrial Revolution.

And now in my opinion the worst effects of the industrial revolution an increase in slavery. The market for slavery was in decline because the Cotten industry was becoming harder to work with and became a risky business. After the invention of the cotton gin the cotton industry started a whole new life and slaves became super valuable to gather cotten and run the gin. Slavery was one of Americas biggest disgraces and the industrial revolution super charged it so that slavery would become even bigger. Slavery was the blood of the south and Cotten pumped the blood but the industrial revolution helped the heart and caused it to pump more blood and this helped the south the soon start the civil war. Slavery caused America to tear itself apart and it was propelled by the industrial revolution. Slavery could have dissipated away if the industrial revolution never happened as sales were already decreasing.

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