how to write the best persuasive essay ever! An approach to classical theories using s'Mores :)

Start with an introduction!

the graham cracker

The graham cracker starts off a s'more, just like your introduction begins your essay!

The introduction is very crucial! Be sure to state these three major factors:

1. Purpose: The reason why you are writing in the first place. State your argument!

2. Audience: The group of people who the context is directed to. Know their viewpoint on your topic. Relate to the audience and establish goodwill and credibility!

3. Occasion: When and where the writing takes place. Occasion can be also be determined if the piece is based on a memory, an actual event or a delusion.

Now, move to the body!

the marshmallow

The body of your writing allows you to *fluff* up your argument through classical theories and other types of evidence!

Keep these types of evidence and classical theories in mind!

Types of evidence

  • Inartistic: facts, statistics, autobiographies, testimonies, scholarly sources
  • Artistic: ethical, logical, emotional

Classical theories

  • Aristotle: use common topics to create enthymemes, give evidence and provide examples
  • Cicero: decide if the case is difficult, honorable, etc. Follow this arrangement and use narration, partition, confirmation, and refutation.
  • Plato: Persuade the audience with true information, rather than false facts. Don't try fooling them!

Last but not least, add a conclusion

the chocolate

A s'more wouldn't be complete with the chocolate, just like an argument wouldn't be complete without a conclusion!

The conclusion is your last chance to argue your purpose, so don't forget to include these two factors:

  1. Restate your purpose: Briefly summarize what you are arguing. Connect to the audience, but maintain goodwill and credibility!
  2. Call to action: Use strong and descriptive language to encourage your audience to take some sort of action!


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