Rural Driving BY: Nathan, Carter, Sean


The roadways in rural areas are really dangerous. The roadways can have really sharp turns that can lead to crashes and injury. Even the most prepared driver can screw up on these roads. Without the signs that are put up on these roads, you a sitting duck. Signs that you will see are uneven roadways, deer signs, slippery roads, rough roads, curved roads, etc.


The traffic in rural areas is dangerous as majority of the time you are in a one lane road with cars parked on the side of the road. When driving in rural areas, you can also be faced with animals and other people crossing the street, even where there is no zebra cross. Traffic will be slow in the rural areas due to these factors so get ready to be there for a while.

Road conditions

Rural roads are older than your average highways, therefore they don't get the proper care. As time moves along these roads get worse and worse and start to look ancient. That being said, driving isn't the easiest. There are many deaths that take place on rural roads, more than the average freeway.

Created By
Nathan, Carter, Sean


Created with images by FotoSleuth - "Old Pacific Highway" • Tony Webster - "Keokea, Maui" • FotoSleuth - "Old Pacific Highway" • City of Boston Archives - "Cummins Highway and Brown Avenue [TP107]"

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