Marketo University Training Integration FAQ live on january 15, 2021

Q: What is changing related to Marketo training?

A: All Marketo University courses will be scheduled and managed via Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS) as of January 15th.

Q: Why is this change being made?

A: Since Marketo was acquired by Adobe, we have been working to consolidate and streamline operations. By incorporating Marketo University training and its functions into Adobe systems and processes, we will improve the customer experience and bring more valuable resources to the Marketo training program.

Q: What is Adobe Digital Learning Services (ADLS)?

A: ADLS is home to the formal, public-facing, fee-based training offered by Adobe.

Q: Will the list of Marketo courses be affected by these changes?

A: All fee-based (paid) Marketo courses will continue to be available at learning.adobe.com, beginning on January 15th.

Q: Will Marketo University’s free content continue to be available?

A: Marketo University’s free training videos can be accessed here and Marketo’s free self-paced learning path can be accessed via University Online.

Q: Where do I find Marketo Certification?

A: Any questions regarding exams and certification: please reach out to certif@adobe.com.

Q: I enrolled in a Marketo University course before migration, but the course will take place after January 15th. Do I need to do anything?

A: If you enrolled in a training course before migration, you were notified and have automatically been re-enrolled into the same course & date via the Adobe learning portal. More information* will be sent out prior to your course.

*We recommend that you add adls@adobe.com and adlsnore@adobe.com (no-reply box) to your safe contacts list. Training communications will be coming from these addresses.

Q: Where can I view the list of Marketo courses that are available for purchase or registration after integration?

A: Go to learning.adobe.com and select “Adobe Marketo Engage”.

Q: How do I redeem my unused Marketo University entitlement?

A: If your entitlement has not been used, your contracted agreement is still active, or you recently purchased an entitlement via a Purchase Order: an email communication with a unique redemption coupon code and instructions was sent to assigned learners (or the Primary Marketo User, if the learners were not assigned.) Any questions about redeeming your unused code: contact adls@adobe.com.

Q: Will my learning history be migrated?

A: Transcripts and course completion certificates from Marketo University will be available to download anytime prior to January 8th. You can find instructions here. After January 8th, course completion data will not be readily available. If you have any questions, reach out to adls@adobe.com. Course history and on-demand activity will not be migrated to the new platform.

Q: Will my Learning Passport or eLearning Passport change?

A: Learning passports will be called All Access Learning Subscriptions, and eLearning Passports will be called On-Demand Learning Subscriptions. You will still have access to the existing courses from Marketo University, in addition to the catalog of Adobe Digital Experience courses.

Q: What is an Adobe ID? Is that different from my Marketo ID?

A: Your Adobe ID is your email address. If you have NOT logged into the Adobe Digital Learning Services portal before, you will need to create an account first.

Go to learning.adobe.com, click Sign In at the top right corner, and create an account.

Q: How do I get Marketo training support?

A: As of January 15th, you can reach the support team at adls@adobe.com. Prior to January 15th, you can still contact university@marketo.com.