Imperialism is when a powerful country takes over or influences a smaller one and their culture, economy and, politics live on in that country. It is also when a country uses it power to have control of another country, this is done usually by force.

Europe is one big example of imperialism have influenced many countries in their region and even all over the world. Some were influenced by war or by neighboring countries. One example of imperialism for Europe is when they attempted to control the colonies. As you probably know Europe was not able to take over the land and retreated back to their home. But they still had influence on America. Before the land was full of native tongue in many indigenous languages but after the British and colonies were in the land the most common language was English. Many of the English religion, and cultures also stayed in America all because of that war.

Another example of imperialism is when America influenced Hawaii in 1896. This was back when brought them into our nation and became part of our country. The influence was also a major impact on their language a bit on their culture but mostly theirs politics. In Hawaii they still have their old culture and language thriving but it is also common for English speakers and some English cultures there as well.

South America was an example of imperialism because back when there were no cars the Spaniards were searching for gold. They had heard of rumors that in the lower Americas they would find it. And so they set out into the South Americas. There they found indigenous Indians that accepted them as king. Later the Spaniards became the leaders of the country and took over the land. Then some Spaniards went back home but some stayed with the land. The Spaniards culture and religion was left in the Americas .

Europe also had lasting effects on Africa. In this situation it is not a lot of language or culture but something else. They might have little bit of politics similarity in their as well. But the Europeans were able to make a killer trade. The Africans would grow and make basic food and materials such as cotton. They would send these to Europe who would finish the products and send them back to Africa for a higher price then they bought it for. The influence from them was for there own good.


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