Will You Be My Valentine?

Our class had an exciting day celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday! We started the morning by passing out valentines during free choice. Everyone couldn't wait to share their cards with their friends. It was so sweet to watch how much joy the kids got out of sharing something so simple with each other!

After free choice, we had snack and meeting. During meeting, we worked on recognizing and writing numbers 1-6. The kids love any game that involves rolling dice, so I knew they would be especially excited to learn this new one! To play this game, they had to sit facing a partner. One partner started as the "roller" and their job was to roll the dice on the floor and report what number they got. The other partner was the "writer" and their job was to write the number on their paper. Then the kids traded jobs and did it again.

Besides the obvious number skill practice, this game was also a great social activity. Our friends are very used to working in small groups and in a large group, but we have done less one on one partner work. Before we played, I used Clayton as my partner and we modeled how to take turns and help each other if one of us didn't know how to write a number. We also practiced encouraging each other and complimenting our partner's work, even if our writing wasn't "perfect". "Writing numbers is HARD!" Clayton laughed with Lucas as they played. "This is how you write a four. You go over and down with a long line," Will supported David by reminding him how to write a 4 with his finger in the air. "When you're just practicing, it's okay if nothing is perfect!" David said. (Can you tell I smiled through this whole activity? My teacher heart was so full to see our friends working together so beautifully!)

After meeting we got ready to PARTY! Our party started with a delicious snack. The kids enjoyed chocolate covered pretzels, fruit and cheese, jello jigglers, and sugar cookies - it was quite the spread!

After snack, the kids used crayons and watercolors to create valentines!

We all gathered on the floor to listen to a story with Mrs. Summa while our valentines were drying.

It was so much fun to have some of our families join us. The kids love any chance to show off their school and their friends to you! I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the party, sent supplies, helped in its planning, or sent valentines to school!! We appreciate your support and know that days like this are not possible without it.

Have a great weekend!

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