#GOALS Alondra Mena

A Year From now

I would like to hopefully pass all of my classes with only A's and B's so that I can set an example for my 3 other siblings that with hard work you can achieve what you want to do.I want to also have the opportunity to reconnect with my biological father who I have not seen in 7 years by choice , he reaches out a lot and I'd like to at least give him some sort of a chance. There are tons of things that I would like to accomplish in the time of 1 year another being that I get to go on my trip with my scholarship group to A.S.U. for a week, to start to feel out how my life is truly going to be like in a couple of years . I'd potentially like to get my first job so that I can begin to help my parents out with all of the expenses.

3 Years later......

3 years from now I'd like to hopefully have been accepted to a college and studying the law. To just have made my family proud that I've made it this far and show that I can keep going on forward with life. I have health issues so I hope that by then I may have cleared up all my problems and have started on keeping my health up. It really scares me and my family so working on it would be real good.I am a very adventurous person but I haven't gotten the chance to go sky diving yet so that is something I most definitely have to have crossed off of my bucket list. Going to New York was one of the best things I have ever done I will hopefully be going back.

5 Years And So it goes.....

Well you see 5 years is a very long time I'd be 20 years old. By then hopefully I could have bought my self a nice car to be able to roll around in. I don't want to always be having my moms old car. A dream of mine is to have a rottweiler. Those dogs get so judged based off of other past incidents or how they appear. Its just up to the owner to at least try to make them know whats right or wrong.I would like to take a vacation to Hawaii for the first time I love traveling and that's just one place I need to see. Just imagining it makes me want to truly work harder to be able to go do this. My sister would be turning 15 so I'd like to be able to have a nice stable job so that I would be able to help as much as I can with the expenses.

10 Years Later.....

Well now crunch time. I would like to be living on my own now taking care of myself living as an adult. 25 to me is a good age to be getting your like practically all together. I want to hopefully have gotten a good enough job as a attorney where I get to do all the things I want to do without having to worry so so much about money and other issues just being able to start off my life great as an aging adult. Travel I hopefully would want to have already crossed Brazil and Europe off of my bucket list. By 10 years I also just want to go bungee jumping , seems like such a great experience.


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