The Creation of Swords English 1010 deondre ragsdale

Good Evening, Today i will be informing you on the process of creating a sword. There are two ways that swords are created the tradition Black smith style and the update style as i call it. The process used now is much easier now, but it still takes a steady hand and concentration to make a truly amazing sword. I will be telling you and showing how a traditional blade known as the Nodashi Katana is forged. The process is long and and has many parts to it, but i will be telling you the most important bits of the creating process.

First thing first is the formation of the blade for the Katana. Most katana are made from steal cubes that are melted and then hammered into shape. The process is very long and must be done by hand so forming the tip and curve of the blade can be precise. Meaning every time the steel is hammered it must be re heated at 1000 degrees so the metal can expand and be shaped. After the blade is finished being formed it is then heat treated it is then cooled and set out to harden.

The back of the blade is then covered in clay and is spread from back tip of the blade. Then it will be heat treated again until the clay has merged with the blade. then after the clay has dried then it is heat treated again the clay should help the blade curve once it is cool down and stuck into water. After that the blade is completed and i set out to cool after that the blade is complete . Now comes the creation of the handle and the guard. Both pieces are normally made of copper and wood. The guard is hand sawed and designed to be light weight to keep the blade light and easy to carry.

Finally the hand is hand carved and etched so that it can be wrapped by cord or ether lace until it was completely covered. The lace helps the wielder grip the sword so it wont slip during combat. After that the sword is finally fitted together with strong adhesive that will bond all the individual peaces together. After this the sword is then garnished the blade is garnished so that the metal will have a slick smooth service. Which helps in making sure that every cut is a clean cut finally the Katana is complete.

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