The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Hansalik, Marianne. "constans Theatre" 2017. JPG file

HANSALIK, MARIANNE. "CONSTANS THEATRE" 2017. JPG FILE As I entered the physical setting of the theatre I was a little surprised. I have walked by the theater hundreds of times without even noticing it before! Its kind of crazy how unobservant we can sometimes be. As I entered the theater I was pleasantly surprised by the size of it and the verisimilitude within. I sat pretty close to the front of the theater so I was able to see the actor's physical appearances quite clearly which contributed to the realism of the play. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, the theater's atmosphere converted to a more professional feeling. As soon as the lights dimmed I felt myself slip away from the rest of the audience and I was less conscious of my location. Being in a location that challenges you and yet comforts you is in my opinion imperative in achieving the good life.
HANSALIK, MARIANNE. "CONSTANS THEATRE" 2017. JPG FILE I happened to attend the performance by myself and I enjoyed myself. I actually had a nice twenty minute conversation with the person sitting next to me. If I had attended with a friend I never would have had that experience although it is quite nice to share experiences with people you care about. One could attain incredible experiences in life and not enjoy them one bit if they don't have friends and loved ones to share them with.
HANSALIK, MARIANNE. "CONSTANS THEATRE" 2017. JPG FILE Honestly, when watching the performance, I felt incredibly grateful of the life I'm living. I'm living in a time period and location of such freedom and flexibility. I have the opportunity to pursue a life that brings me joy and fulfillment. I have time to focus on my aspirations. Those in the play were mostly trapped in their own circumstances with no opportunity to even believe that a different, better life could exist for them. Issues involving some in the Catholic church was addressed in this performance which caught me off guard as I had not had time to review the subject matter of this play before viewing it. The social class issues were also highly prevalent in this play, which again emphasized the current opportunities we as a society now possess.

HANSALIK, MARIANNE. "CONSTANS THEATRE" 2017. JPG FILE This play ultimately was an exposé on the interior motives, feelings, and tendencies of those in various class structures at the turn of the century. We see that the motives for joining the church as a priest were at times convoluted. The church simply served as a stepping stone towards a better life. Prestige and money are the principle sources driving the characters in this play and this is exposed openly and honestly through the blunt dialogue.

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