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For those suffering from anxiety, yoga can be a lifeline..

Asanas and breathwork have been calming jittery minds and smoothing the jagged spikes of stress for thousands of years.

Yoga’s anxiety-relieving benefits are obvious even after the very first session, but if you stick with a yoga practice regularly (coming to your mat at least once a week), you will likely start to see remarkable physical and mental benefits within only a few weeks.

When practicing yoga, you are encouraged to dismiss the thoughts that so often cycle endlessly through our minds, and to instead focus solely on your breath and your body.

You are there to feel each sensation completely, to be in-tune with everything your body is experiencing. Especially during intense poses, this can be extremely challenging, as we typically do not remain in situations that make us uncomfortable.

But learning to breathe your way through discomfort (and learning that you can indeed get through it) is an important life lesson, and again, this is something that we can take from our yoga practice and apply to our everyday lives..

Free Your Mind Your Body Shall Follow!
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