Small but Important BY:Rainbow

Small but Important

By: Rainbow


Did you know that animals are important to our life? Yes, there are so many ways that animals give to us. But we poaching them, this is right? Every animal have their own shelter, and also they had to live with hunger so animals have to hunt and that is exactly called life cycle. Animals must look while they hunt, or else they will get kill by us or predators. This information writing will give you an information about all kind of animals’ life.

Territories is Animals Home

Did you know that animals can’t find their habitats until they can find their combinations and needs? Animals are finding their new habitats when their predators arrived. Also, animals are feel that combinations and needs is not enough or not feel comfortable with that habitat anymore, they will move their habitat. Habitats are important to all animals, because habitats makes them have some place to live. Habitats are all unique and important to every animal.

People Make Animals Died

Global warming, poaching, pollution and farms make habitat loss, and yes it's make animals endangered! Most of the animals are endangered because of us. We make farms, factories and also poaching. Farms make animals drink the chemical water from the water that farms produce for plants to grow faster. Factory make pollution in the air as animals breath! As poaching makes animals endangered (died). As you can see, we all makes animals endangered and habitats loss.

Life Cycle

They are tons of process that animals use to live. Life cycle, such as eat then hunt then sleep, that's all. But that was not all for the animals as you think! Animals have to hunt but they have to protect themselve from the predators as look carefully for predators when it arrived. If the predators was coming they won’t hunt till the predators go away. The process that animals do is just that, but animals have to remember to look for predators carefully when it arrived and when predators come they have to leave. This is the process of animal’s life cycle.


Animals are small but helpful and important for our daily life. Animals are finding their habitat or territory for their own life and survived in the forest. But we are destroyed their habitats by cutting trees and pollute our own town and forest. Animals have their own life cycle or process to live. Animals are very helpful to us even it is looks not helpful and danger. Animals are important to our daily life!


Endangered : seriously at risk of extinction.

Predators : an animal that naturally preys on others.

Forest is place that all wild animals live.


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