WWW Philippines 2k17

This WWW trip was about helping a young community prosper. Our goal in Philippines was to make this underprivileged community, (with the help of Gawad Kalinga) grow and feel the love that they receive from across the world.

We met lots of new friends in Philippines. One enthusiastic worker, Jerry (Shown above, particularly caught our eyes.) He was a great guy who helped motivate us when we got tired. Not only did we have the pleasure to meet Jerry, we had the pleasure to meet a wonderful community full of warm-hearted and great people.
Our work in the village didn't go unnoticed. The mayor of Manila embraced us into his office and thanked us for helping his city grow and prosper. Overall, I really appreciate that AISR and Gawad Kalinga gave us this chance to experience something new, and something so good we many never experience it again. I learned many things on this trip. I learned that no matter what someone's situation is, happiness is always existent. I also learned that the privileged like us always have opportunities to help others, and we should always jump at these opportunities to help out our fellow people in need.

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