WWII Pearl Harbor Timeline Mark Resig 1941

This is a brief overview of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor and it is a timeline that has all the times in military time.

Dec 7, 1941


Minesweeper Condor 2 miles out of Pearl Harbor to clear all of the mines that would be in the way of the Japanese Fleet.


Comdr. mitsuo Fuchida will lead Japan in attack plus 183 fighters, bombers, and torpedo planes roar to the sky.


The USS Ward goes in for the kill on the Minesweeper Condor


USS Ward drops depth charges upon defensive sea area


USS Ward confirms the attack successful on the unidentified vessel.


The Navajos stymied through Japanese codes.


At 0740 the Empire of The Rising Sun's first wave attack on Pearl Harbor consisted of 49 high altitude bombers, 51 dive bombers, 40 torpedo planes, and 43 zero's. They started the attack 15 minutes later.


Logan Ramsey runs to a radio room to give a coded message to every ship in the fleet and every base on Oahu that pearl harbor is being attacked.


An armor piercing bomb is dropped on the deck of the USS Arizona killing 1177 men.


The second japanese wave comes meeting Heavy anti-aircraft guns.


Japanese fighters didn't have radar. They scattered with bombers from Oahu following them back to the carriers.


US aircrafts head for home after following the Japanese back to their carriers.

Dec 8, 1941

Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers his "Day in Infamy" speech therefore declaring war on Japan Joining the allies in WWII.

My second source is Attack on Pearl Harbor by Shelley Tanaka and David Craig.


http://www.nationalgeographic.com/pearlharbor/history/pearlharbor_timeline.html http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/thousands-pay-tribute-pearl-harbor-75-years-after-attack-n692986 Attack on Pearl Harbor by Shelley Tanaka and David Craig

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