Santa Clarita Diet Reviews and ReaCtions

It's kind of a big deal. You can count on one hand, the number of television shows on the air with a city title in it. These things tend to "put you on the map." For Americans who've never heard of Santa Clarita, it is our coming out party. So how are we looking, so far?

You can't get that smoothie at Bobek's or Starbucks

First off, a quick primer: The show is in its first season of 10 episodes all available for streaming on Netflix. Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore play two established Santa Clarita Realtors living on Weeping Willow Drive in Valencia Creekside. (Trust me, I know the exact home they use for shooting exteriors). Let's just say that their lives are turned upside down when Barrymore's character gets a virus that kills her... for a minute.

It's all fun and games until someone loses a foot.

My personal review: SC Diet reminds me of the edgy, silly suburban humor last seen in "Weeds," the Showtime comedy about a suburban (cough..Stevenson Ranch.. cough) housewife forced into dealing drugs to keep her family's lifestyle intact. In that show's early seasons, characters were put in terrifying situations, but the tone of the show always stayed breezy and carefree. It was a simple case of "do what you gotta do". For SC Diet, the same vibe exists. While "Weeds" fictional town of Agrestic mocked the orderly, patterned tracts of homes and people, and the now-cancelled ABC series "Suburgatory" made every teenager look like a future Stepford Wife, "SC Diet" embraces it. Never do these characters cry about how boring and miserable life in suburbia is supposed to be. They're too busy killing people.

They spend much of their time plotting and covering up murders in the same way we write down our grocery lists for Aldi's or Whole Foods.

A break from the mayhem

I've already said enough. I give the show an 8 out of 10. It starts off with few laughs, and many reviewers based their reviews on the first episode or two, and missed the boat entirely. Many of the unfavorable reviews I've seen were by pretentious windbags who needed to find ways to politicize the show, or 'see it through the prism of suburbia.. blah blah blah...'

Seeing Olyphant do comedy after stints at "Justified" and "Deadwood" requires a shake of the head to clear your senses, while Barrymore is great, and the supporting cast is pitch perfect. The show needs a few more laughs, and reviews have been all over the map. Barrymore has put everything into her role, nearly getting her killed in February. Santa Clarita is shown quite a bit in the first 5 episodes, but fades into the background as the season continues, with more of the story lines contained to the indoors. There is a glorious aerial shot over the 5 freeway that makes Santa Clarita look like a town in Germany or something. While we've seen Santa Clarita before in dozens of other shows, pretending to be Kentucky, or Islamabad, or just about anywhere, this is the first time we are really seeing.... Santa Clarita. And our town looks rather nice in HD. What has press coverage been like?

So have YOU seen it? Hit the comments section and weigh in. Did they nail what life is like in Santa Clarita? Do you want a season 2?

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