Name of planet- The name of my planet is Saturn.

The diameter of size-The diameter is 74,867 {120,536 km}

The period of rotation or revolution- Saturn's rotation turns out to be 10 hours and 14 minutes. it moves so rapidly that is how it got its square shape.

first two photos are of Saturn the last is Saturn rings.

Average distance from the earth-Saturn is 1,000 miles from earth.

Origin of the planets name - When you first see Saturn you will be able to make out its glowing rings and faint stripes.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature -The average temperature is 9,000 Fahrenheit which is 5,000 Celsius.

4 Interesting Facts- 1 The hotness of the Saturn is about as hot is the sun!!! 2 Saturn is the second largest plant. 3 Saturn has no solid surface. 4 Saturn is made mostly of hot gas.


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