Festival Images Vevey 2020 Unexpected. Le hasard des choses

Most important visual art biennale in Switzerland, the Festival Images Vevey proposes every two years an exclusive photography exhibition concept on façades, in parks, indoor exhibitions in unusual venues, and joint ventures with people who ensure Vevey’s status as a ‘city of images’ all year round. Entirely free of charge, Festival Images is a true open-air museum as well as a quality platform for national and international artists. Held every two years for a period of three weeks, it enables tens of thousands of visitors to discover the best in contemporary photography.

Thought up some ten months ago, the theme of this 2020 festival, “Unexpected. Le hasard des choses.” now strangely echoes the global health situation. Based on the phenomenon of chance, Festival Images Vevey has set itself the objective of gathering together the works of artists that focus on the unexpected and the unpredictable role of fate. In light-hearted or more serious ways, these endeavours reveal to the visitor how much social issues and moments in life involve a share of unpredictability, chance and luck and how this random dimension inspires artistic creation. By presenting established artists alongside up-and-coming talent, the Festival Images programme satisfies the curiosity of specialists and the general public alike. The featured artistic projects invite the visitors to experience images in a different way through monumental installations and scenography that is often unusual... Whether it is in a former prison, a church, a forge or a theatre, Festival Images has the particularity of custom designing its exhibitions in order to strike the perfect balance between the works and the place in which they are exhibited. From 5 to 27 September 2020. Info: Images Vevey

Here are my photographic impressions...

The Pillar by Stephen Gill (UK, 1971)
What To Do With A Million Years by Juno Calypso (UK, 1989)
Woman Go No'Gree by Gloria Oyarzabal (ES, 1971)
Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore (US, 1947)
Walk on Clouds by Abraham Poincheval (FR, 1972)
Fontanesi by Kublaiklan (IT)
La lueur du désastre by Stephanie Montes (CO, 1991)
All That Life Can Afford by Matt Stuart (UK, 1974)
No More, No less by Kensuke Koike (JAP, 1980) & Thomas Sauvin (FR 1983)
Diving Maldives by Edoardo Delille (IT, 1974) & Giulia Piermartiri (IT, 1990)
Holding the Camera by Alberto Vieceli (CH, 1965)
TTP by Hayahisa Tomiyasu (JP, 1982)
Rorschach by Jean-Marie Donat (FR, 1962)
The Mother as a Creator by Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang (TW, 1972)
I Am Afraid, I Must Ask You To Leave by Julian Charrière (CH, 1987) & Julius von Bismarck (DE, 1983)
Memories of a Silent World by Simon Brodbeck (DE, 1986) & Lucie de Barbuat (FR, 1981)
Escape from Paradise by Benoît Jeannet (CH, 1991)
SideWalk by Jeff Mermelstein (US, 1957)
Ke sale teng by Lebohang Kganye (ZA, 1990)
Vestigial Structure by Duy Hoàng (VN, 1989)
Gregor's Room III by Teresa Hubbard (IR, 1965) & Alexander Birchler (CH, 1962)
Range: of Mount Grammont with Light-Leak Camera App Filters by Penelope Umbrico (US, 1957)
Richard Prince 1234 / instagram recordings by Sébastien Girard (FR, 1970)
Abglanz by Alina Frieske (DE, 1994)
42nd and Vanderbilt by Peter Funch (DK, 1974)
FIN by Maurice Schobinger (CH, 1960)
Chance by Christian Boltanski (FR, 1944)
È tempo ormai di dirti addio by Taiyo Onorato(CH, 1979) & Nico Krebs (CH, 1979)
Weekend by Lei Lei (CN, 1985)
Alternative Moons by Robert Pufleb (DE, 1969) & Nadine Schlieper ( DE, 1976)
Melting Memories by Refik Anadol (TR, 1985)
Ice, Birds and Fire by Batia Suter (CH, 1967)
Dark Waters by Kristine Potter (US, 1977)
Uncanny Mirror by Mario Klingemann (DE, 1970)
Lux in tenebris by Vincent Jendly (CH, 1969)

© Fausto Colombo / L'incertain regard. All pictures taken on 05.09.2020 with LUMIX DMC-LX100. Text from press kit courtesy Festival Images Vevey

Created By
Fausto Colombo