Outcome #6 goals

Learning Outcome #6

Short and Long Term Goals

Journal from Class

While selecting my top ten values I was a bit overwhelmed because I could only pick ten values out of all of them and I had trouble deciding which were the most important to me personally. I had some hesitation about this because I had never really thought about what values in my life I consider to be important so it was a challenge to wrap my mind around the idea. I found it interesting what I considered to be in my top ten because it was so hard to choose between to some but ultimately I found the ones I felt were descriptive of me. I had really enjoyed this exercise after I started because I liked the feeling that I got when one of the values really resonated with me.

My Top Ten: caring, monogamy, loved, helpfulness, family, commitment, God’s will, courtesy, generosity, and friendship

My Top Five: God’s will, friendship, family, courtesy, and monogamy

My #1 Value: Family

It was hard in the end to pick between family and God’s will because I live my family and will do anything for them no matter what but I consider myself to be a religious person and I value my faith so it was hard to think about which one I would want more in my life. I found that most of the values I chose were terms I grew up being taught to be; my parents taught me to be caring, generous, and courteous to others so some of these always a part of my life. I found that I was surprised with how easy I was able to pick my top five from my top ten after I had such a hard time picking them.

Short Term Goals

• I plan on getting my GPA up so I can keep my scholarships, I will do this by continually studying and trying my hardest in all of my classes, I want to do it so I can go home and tell my family I can do it, I will pray to God for help and guidance, and I will try to get help from friends.

• I plan on deciding what major I wish to pursue so I can progress in my academic career, I will do this by evaluating what I truly want to do and deciding if it fits into my strengths, I will pray to God for guidance and I will talk with my family to see what they think my strengths are.

Long Term Goals

• I plan on graduating from college with a degree in a major I will be happy with, I will do this by working hard and doing my best work, I will use the support my family gives me and I will ask my friends for help.

• I plan on finding a job that will make me happy and bring me fulfillment, I will branch out and search for the job and I will search and change jobs until I find it, I will pray for help from God to find the job and I will ask family if they know someone who could help me find the job.

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