Reflections of Philosophy Diosaya Sanon (unit 1 )

January 19th

I am excited about learn about this classs and the most important thing it's gonna teach me about life. I'm worrying about if this class is gonna be good for me, I'm concern about the thing we gonna do in class, and are we gonna have time to get it done.


Buddhism because life is suffering basically, never constant. Alwakys going to be a constant. Giving up all of the desire of good

Having an experience and learn something something and respect it. Something that open your minds up a little or a lot.

My family have this relious that we have to go to church every Sunday. And have this tradition to make the same food every Sunday and in the afternoon. No because I choose to do it but not force too

Decartes always doubting life and how life work and he alway on the verges of figuring out the truth because without a truth how do we know if something is true.

We fall in love because we have feeling for that person

My definition of knowledge is to have an experience of the things/people around you and learning from them.

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Diosaya Sanon

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