Florida Museum of Natural History TJ North

Nature on Display

The aquatic section of the museum was particularly enjoyable because of the way in which the history was displayed. The exhibit was immersive because while walking through the halls, I was surrounded by the nature on display. The room grabbed my attention because of the dimmed blue lights and aquatic ambient noises playing in the background. I learned, in this section of the museum, the importance of Florida's coral reefs and the role they play in aquatic ecosystems. The museum made learning more enjoyable because of the way in which more knowledge seemed to be creeping at every corner. I could learn by just observing, and not only reading.

Nature and Ethics

It may be hard to tell, but this is a picture of me with a snail in the butterfly garden exhibit at the museum. Being surrounded by nature at the museum gave me a strong feeling of appreciation towards life. While in other settings I probably would have not admired the beauty of the snail, at the museum I took the time to discover the patterns of its shell and the way it used its body to scoot forward. People around me didn't pay much attention to the snail, but that is because the exhibits affect us all differently, and the design of the museum allowed this. People were able to appreciate nature in their own ways because of the openness of the exhibits. While in the exhibit, a sense of an ethical responsibility to nature was instilled in me when I saw a dead butterfly and was reminded of the preciousness of life.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Of course, it is always a pleasure to step away from the anxieties of work and the hustling of every-day life. Being at the Florida Museum of Natural History allows visitors to sit on a bench and appreciate the smell of greenery and flowers while being in awe of beautifully patterned butterflies. It humbles us and makes us see the beauty in what is simple.

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