The reptile room By: Lemony Snicket

The reptile room is the second book in the 13 part series, "A Series of Unfortunate Events". The Author, Daniel Handler goes by the pen name "Lemony Snicket" He was born in 1970 on February 28th.

Daniel Handler

Writing style

The Writing style is progressively melancholy and depressive with a hint of dark humor and comic relief.

quick summary

After the first book where Count Olaf looses the children due to being unfit for parenting, and tries to kill one of the three children to steal their fortune. The children go live with their eccentric Reptile obsessed uncle who mysteriously disappears upon the arrival of a suspicious character on the property.

Uncle Monty's house is essentially a giant zoo filled to the brim with reptiles. The children are permitted all of their freedoms and access to Monty's library and other features of his residence. A huge difference from Count Olaf's house

The Monty Residence

The Characters.

Violet Baudelaire

Violet Is the oldest of the three children. Her Specific talents are mostly engineer based as she is an immaculate inventor and is quick to pull the trio out of a jam.

Violet Baudelaire

klaus Baudelaire

The Middle of the three children. Obsessed with books and knowledge, constantly helps the group in logic situations and puzzle based problems.


Sunny Baudalaire

The youngest of the siblings, Her talent is effectively using her 4 sharp teeth to bite. She has a run in with one of the most deadly snakes in the reptile room.


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