Looks over love Jody marries janie not becasue he loves her, but bec she looks pretty Chapter 5

"Thank yuh fuh yo' compliments, but mah wife don't know nothin' 'bouts no speech-makin'" (43). This quote shows that Jody married Janie for reasons other than her intelligence. As seen with this quote by Jody, he explains that Janie is more of a tool to use for advantages other than a person two use for help. Another quote is "she uh women and her place is in de home" (43). This is another example of how Jody things lower of Janie because she is as a women. This explains that Jody married Janie not because of love or other qualities but because he just wants someone he can control and use, as seen with this quote where he says she's only good in a home. A final example of Jodie's thoughts on Janie is, "she must look on herself as the bell cow, the other women were the gang" (41). This is a prime example of how Jody feels Janie is more looks than love. In this he wants Janie to look better than everyone so that he can seem above everyone else.

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