What I know about the Revolutionary war. clayton kelley.

some of the events that lead up to the revolution were things like the Boston tea party, the Boston massacre, the stamp and surge acts and the Townshend act.

the Boston tea part was in 1773 and the colinest dressed up as Indianian and dumped 340 big chest of tea in the harbor. The men that did this were called the sons of liberty.

something else that happens was the Boston massacre. This happend on march 5 1770 there were 5 men killed and 6 others injurer. all the men were unarmed and there were about 9-10 red coats.

the stamp act was a big deal as well.In 1775 the colonial leaders of Virginia meat in efforts to have a movable army.

the surge act made people just as mad as the stamp act. 1764 was the day the surge act was enforced ad people were mad because they already dint have munch money.

one of the big things was the Quartering act. the colinest didn't like having to house the people that they were ready to go to war with. All the colinest had to do was provide sleeping quarters for the red coats to sleep.

this all lead up to the revolutionary war were thousands died and more injurer.


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