John Wesley By: Conner Maggard

Background Information:

John Wesley was born on June 28, 1703 in Epworth England. He was the fifteenth child out of nineteen to Samuel and Susannah Wesley. He was home schooled until he was 11 years old. Then he was sent to Charterhouse School in London. At age 17 he was admitted to Christ Church, Oxford. In 1728 he became a fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford.

Late in his life he married a widow named Mary Vazeille, they never had any children. He died at age 88 on Mar 2, 1791 in England.

John knew and loved the Bible from a young age and was not afraid to speak it. He founded the Methodist Church along with his brother Charles Wesley. He evangelized both blacks and whites in the British Colony of Georgia.

John is remembered for his selfless devotion to God. He was honored greatly after his death and multiple books were written about him. There is a statue of him in Reynolds Square in Savannah, Georgia. He is known for being a founder of the Methodist Church . He knew the Bible well and all the verses meant a lot to him.

Quotes: "The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion."

"Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can."

"Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness."

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