Weekly Wrap-Up in the #PAHouse week of april 29, 2019

Bills passed in the PA House during the week of April 29, 2019

Bills heading to the Senate for consideration

• HB 328 (Rep. Perry Warren, D-Bucks): Would establish the Flood Insurance Premium Assistance Task Force. Vote 197-0.

• HB 634 (Rep. Mark Keller, R-Perry/Cumberland): Would expand procession rights to large group motorcycle rides. Vote 172-23.

• HB 757 (Rep. Cris Dush, R-Jefferson/Indiana) and Rep. Donna Oberlander (R-Clarion/Armstrong/Forest): Would designate a portion of Route 899 over the Clarion River connecting Barnett Township, Jefferson County, and Barnett Township, Forest County, as the PFC Patrick T. Cassatt Memorial Bridge. Vote 197-0.

• HB 758 (Rep. Cris Dush, R-Jefferson/Indiana): Would designate a bridge on State Route 4018 over the Little Mahoning Creek, South Mahoning Township, Indiana County, as the Spc. Franklin Delano Meyer Memorial Bridge. Vote 197-0

• HB 826 (Rep. Jim Marshall, R-Beaver/Butler): Would allow nonprofits affiliated with major league and collegiate sports teams to conduct 50/50 drawings for charity at home games. Vote 188-9.

• HB 430 (Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-Centre/Mifflin): Would amend the Regulatory Review Act to further provide for procedures for subsequent review of final-form or final-omitted regulations. Vote 105-90.

• HB 476 (Rep. Zach Mako, R-Northampton/Lehigh): Would amend the Solid Waste Management Act (Act 97 of 1980) to address notices of noncompliance. Vote 196-0.

• HB 509 (Rep. Greg Rothman, R-Cumberland): Would establish the Permit Administration Act, which would provide tracking, timeline requirements and third-party review powers for permits issued by state agencies. Vote 109-86.

• HB 762 (Rep. Tim O’Neal, R-Washington): Would require each state agency to appoint a regulatory compliance officer. Vote 102-94.

• HB 806 (Rep. Dawn Keefer, R-York/Cumberland): Would require the General Assembly to approve by concurrent resolution an economically significant regulation before that regulation can go into effect. Vote 103-91.

• HB 856 (Rep. Karen Boback, R-Luzerne/Lackawanna/Wyoming): Would reenact and reinstate the extension of permanent legal custodian and adoption assistance subsidies to children from 18 to 21 years of age. Vote 196-0.

• HB 1031 (Rep. Clint Owlett, R-Tioga/Bradford/Potter): Would repeal Act 118 of 1893, which authorizes the purchase of land and construction of buildings for the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children. Vote 191-0.

• HB 1065 (Rep. Cris Dush, R-Jefferson/Indiana): Would designate a bridge on a portion of S.R. 3033 over Redbank Creek as the CPL James Slagle 2nd Ranger Battalion Army Ranger WWII Memorial Bridge. Vote 190-0.

• HB 1079 (Rep. Jack Rader, R-Monroe): Would repeal a 1901 law related to exemption from capital stock tax. Vote 189-1.

• HB 1080 (Rep. Zach Mako, R-Northampton/Lehigh) Would repeal a 1927 law related to the capital stock tax. Vote 189-1.

• HB 1081 (Rep. Aaron Kaufer, R-Luzerne): Would repeal a 1931 law related to capital stock in corporations. Vote 189-1.

• HB 1083 (Rep. Thomas Sankey, R-Clearfield/Cambria): Would repeal portions of a 1927 law related to capital stock and franchise tax, and an 1811 law related to settlements of public accounts. Vote 188-1.

• HB 1084 (Rep. Keith Greiner, R-Lancaster): Would repeal a 1913 law related to personal property tax. Vote 189-1.

• HB 1085 (Rep. Aaron Bernstine, R-Lawrence/Beaver/Butler): Would repeal a 1935 law related to personal property tax. 189-1.

• HB 1086 (Rep. Seth Grove, R-York): Would repeal a 1937 law related to store and theater tax. 188-1.

• HB 1174 (Rep. Matthew Dowling, R-Fayette/Somerset): Would repeal Act 49 of 1933, which “Prohibits individuals and associations from playing or engaging in baseball or football games before 2 p.m. and after 6 p.m. on Sundays.” Vote 190-0.

• HB 1179 (Rep. Jonathan Fritz, R-Susquehanna/Wayne): Would repeal laws from 1933 which regulate when music can be played on Sundays. Vote 190-0.

• HB 1180 (Rep. Jonathan Fritz, R-Susquehanna/Wayne): Would repeal laws from 1935 which regulate when movies can be played on Sundays. Vote 190-0.

• HB 1210 (Rep. Mike Jones, R-York): Would amend the School Code by repealing more than a dozen outdated and unnecessary provisions. Vote 191-0.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives returns to session on Monday, May 6 at 1 p.m.

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