To Kill a Mockingbird "Point of View" by Collin McBrierty

Event 1: Atticus shoots Tim Johnson

POV: Jem

I never though Atticus was good for nothing except when I saw him shoot ol’ Tim Johnson. I would always ask Atticus to play ball with me but he would always just work and say that he was to old. Atticus always seems to just come home, work, and read. That’s it! But oh, I was sure wrong when I saw him shoot that rabid dog. When Sheriff heck was readying the shot, he, for some reason, went up and gave the rife to Atticus. Atticus then took that shot and hit Tim Johnson square on target. From that day forward, I looked at Atticus in a whole different way. Miss Maudie and sheriff Heck said he was called one-shot Finch, but I’d never heard him be called that before. It was a sure thing that Atticus was a great shot, but he says that he never does it because it’s an unfair advantage in nature. I now realize that Atticus is far more than just boring and old.

Event 2: Scout finds treasure in the tree

POV: Jem

For a couple days now, me and Scout have been finding things in the old tree in front of the Radley house. Originally, we just found some nick-knacks like gum and stuff, but soon, we started to find coins, a watch, and even carved soap, in the shape of us! When it all started, I originally thought that Scout was just stealing, so I suggested that we wait to the school year to ask if this was anybody’s lost stuff. When nobody claimed the stuff and the loot started getting more interesting, we knew something was going on. Once we found the carved soap up in the tree, we knew something was going on for sure, but one day, everything changed. One day, the tree was all filled with cement, so we asked Mr. Nathan why. He said that the tree was dying, so he needed to save it. When we asked Atticus what he thought about the tree, he said it seemed totally healthy. Why would Mr. Nathan cover-up the hole, where we found our treasure, if he tree was perfectly fine?

Event 3: Scout punches Francis

POV: Uncle Jack

When we were over at Finches’ Landing for the holidays, Scout and Francis got into a bit of a fight. After the punches started flying, I ran over immediately. Back at home, I was furious at Scout. When it comes to family, you should never result to violence. However, when talking to Scout, she made me think of things from a whole different perspective. She asked if I was even going to hear her side of the story, and when she told me, I was even more mad…but not at Scout. Scout said Francis was calling Atticus a N***** lover. I knew I had to go teach that Francis boy a lesson. When I started stormin’ away, Scout stopped me and made me promise not to tell Atticus, because she wasn’t supposed to picking fights and she didn’t want to admit to him that even family was capable of this hate. When I talked to Atticus, I kept my word, but I also realized I did not know how to talk to kids!

Event 4: The Trial

POV: Jem

During Tom Robinson’s trial, me Scout and Dill sat up with the other blacks from the town. I didn’t really understand all that was happening, but if there was one thing I knew, Atticus was doing a stand-up job! When it came to Mayella, she kept changing around her story, and Atticus was pressing her with a lot of questions. Atticus also proved that Bob was left handed, and that Tom couldn’t even use his left hand. I thought this was such a good point because Mayella bruises on the right side of her face. Also, Bob’s arm proved that it would have been real hard to do what he was accused of. I thought for sure Atticus was going to win, but when the judge gave his final say, my heart sank. How could Tom be guilty if he was clearly innocent? When the trial ended, everyone in my section rose and Atticus just walked out.


In her Novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee Sates that “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” (Lee 39). This assignment was completed under the basis of this thought, for it was done to gain perspective. In order to truly learn and connect with a character, one must consider how they feel. By creating a fiction of their thoughts and in their dialect, one can imagine the severity of an invent. Other than further connection and emotional appeal, this assignment created a better understanding of the novel. The novel is largely based around childhood, so to see how they might have felt, an event’s significance is displayed, and thus further understood. This understanding is conceived as a result of perspective, because creating a different point of view creates connection between the reader and the character.


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