Hasan Family, Love mother country, losing my uncle

"Who Am I, Without Exile?"


A stranger on the riverbank, like the river ... water

binds me to your name. Nothing brings me back from my faraway

to my palm tree: not peace and not war. Nothing

makes me enter the gospels. Not

a thing ... nothing sparkles from the shore of ebb

and flow between the Euphrates and the Nile. Nothing

makes me descend from the pharaoh’s boats. Nothing

carries me or makes me carry an idea: not longing

and not promise. What will I do? What

will I do without exile, and a long night

that stares at the water?


binds me

to your name ...

Nothing takes me from the butterflies of my dreams

to my reality: not dust and not fire. What

will I do without roses from Samarkand? What

will I do in a theater that burnishes the singers with its lunar

stones? Our weight has become light like our houses

in the faraway winds. We have become two friends of the strange

creatures in the clouds ... and we are now loosened

from the gravity of identity’s land. What will we do … what

will we do without exile, and a long night

that stares at the water?


binds me

to your name ...

There’s nothing left of me but you, and nothing left of you

but me, the stranger massaging his stranger’s thigh: O

stranger! what will we do with what is left to us

of calm ... and of a snooze between two myths?

And nothing carries us: not the road and not the house.

Was this road always like this, from the start,

or did our dreams find a mare on the hill

among the Mongol horses and exchange us for it?

And what will we do?


will we do



Who Am I, Without Exile? I choose this poem because its explained a lot of my feelings inside. and I don't think anyone know how I felt when I left my mother country it's well sad when I want to the airport and leave your family behind and see them crying because they not going to see for long time.

Father's brother Took me in as his son Wiped the tears from my face Father took off, so he filled his place No questions about his loyalty The love he shows already answered them for me Day and night I bow and pray Giving God praise for letting him stay in my life another day My protector when life gets rough No one can break our bond, because it's strong and tough In his eyes he reveals a secret Something that is so important beautiful, but only we share it His love is pure, like no other Thank you grandma for having my dad's brother.

Thanks to my uncle because he took care of me and my family and like the poem said.

"Took me in as his son

Wiped the tears from my face

Father took off, so he filled his place".

there is no word can explain my feelings towards my uncle. When he passed away I felt something inside me that I thought my dad passed away.

"Another Planet"

I have a special ticket

to another planet

beyond this Earth.

A comfortable world, and beautiful:

a world without much smoke,

not too hot

and not too cold.

The creatures

are gentler there,

and the governments

have no secrets.

The police are nonexistent:

there are no problems

and no fights.

And the schools

don’t exhaust their students

with too much work

for history has yet to start

and there’s no geography

and no other languages.

And even better:

the war

has left its “r” behind

and turned into love,

so the weapons sleep

beneath the dust,

and the planes pass by

without shelling the cities,

and the boats

look like smiles

on the water.

All things

are peaceful

and kind

on the other planet

beyond this Earth.

But still I hesitate

to go alone.

I chose this poem because it's describes my thoughts and feelings about how I see the world when I was in Iraq, and when me and my family left I was feeling happy and sad in the same time because I'm going to leave my house and family that I grow up in and happy because I'm going to see my dad again because he was in Jordan for three years so me and my family lived with my uncle until the time I left Iraq.

"Acts of Vexation"

By Pam Rehm

The only thing under the sun

I can run to

is Ecclesiastes

for there is nothing gathered into one self

that can be kept

Want is humbled by death

as every purpose manifests it

Feeling this all my life

a piercing fright

gathers in the stomach's pit

This is it and this is not the end

of the road

for even despair is a kind of goad

to wisdom

The beauty of the world

over one's own anguish

The day that I lost all feeling

I was both a Fool and a Goddess

When I read this poem I remembered my uncle who helped me and my family when my dad was in Jordan. Me and my family used live with his kids and wife and he was father and friend to me before I come to USA. I loved my uncle more than my father. my favorite part of the poem is "The day that I lost all feeling" that part describes the day that I lost my uncle because a bomb that was the worst day in my life and I will never forget it.

Ramadan, by Kazim Ali, You wanted to be so hungry, you would break into branches, and have to choose between the starving month’s nineteenth, twenty-first, and twenty-third evenings. The liturgy begins to echo itself and why does it matter? If the ground-water is too scarce one can stretch nets into the air and harvest the fog. Hunger opens you to illiteracy, thirst makes clear the starving pattern, the thick night is so quiet, the spinning spider pauses, the angel stops whispering for a moment— The secret night could already be over, you will have to listen very carefully— You are never going to know which night’s mouth is sacredly reciting and which night’s recitation is secretly mere wind—

Ramadan is my favorite month in the year because I can fast thirty days, and when And when I try to fast I can feel the feeling of the poor have no hopes to buy food. Other things that you can't do when you are fasting is that you can't talk about other people and swear at them and you can't lying.

Family Album by Diane Thiel /////////////////////// I like old photographs of relatives in black and white, their faces set like stone. They knew this was serious business. My favorite album is the one that's filled with people none of us can even name. I find the recent ones more difficult. I wonder, now, if anyone remembers how fiercely I refused even to stand beside him for this picture — how I shrank back from his hand and found the other side. Forever now, for future family, we will be framed like this, although no one will wonder at the way we are arranged. No one will ever wonder, since we'll be forever smiling there — our mouths all teeth.

I love everything about my family when they are happy or sad I love because I know that if I got in trouble they will be always here for me and help me get over it. And when I'm sad they will try to make me feel better even if they don't know what is wrong with me.

Inseparable. Partner in crime. Together forever A lemon and lime Normal as can be. Love you always. Special to me. Comforting. A rock star kid. Good times and bad. Astonishing changes. You're trending a fad. Autism. Autistic. Special needs if you please, But retarded, that word never should you speak. A heart of gold. One amazing soul. A special young man, so very bold. Afraid. Looking for friends. The words just don't seem right. This isn't very fair. Seemingly can't take flight. Autism affects his social reaction. Inspiration. He has trouble with getting anyone's attraction. Bullies. He will make you laugh. He will treat you right. Wanting normality. He's funny and bright. He is my little brother He means the world to me. You can call him autistic but he will always be the sugar in my tea. Source: -my-brother

Autism Within My Brother by Anna Hall I choose to this poem for different reasons one of them is my best friend is my brother and I do everything with him and I tell him everything that happens to me in school outside the school because he is the only person that I feel safe when I talk to him about my problem. In last thing I want say thank you brother for being with me and I will always love you.

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