Charging Up China Developing the chinese electric vehicle market

Strategic Process:

1. Research & Matrices: SWOT, Space, & CPM

2. Alternative Strategies & QSPM

Charging Up China

Manufacturing, Marketing, and Selling the Bolt to a Chinese Market

Evaluating Success: The Balanced Scorecard

1. Re-tooled Factory (8 Months)

2. 20% EPS Increase (5 Years)

3. Meet Chinese Fleet EV Regulations (2 Years)

Financing the Bolt:

1. Capital Expenditure: $700,000,000

2. Production Costs: $40,000 Per Vehicle

3. Govt. Subsidies: $10,000 Per Vehicle

4. Existing Vehicle Sales: 2% Growth from CSR & Marketing Increases

Manufacturing the Bolt:

1. Factory Reconfiguration: Complete by Jan. 2018

2. Factory Staffing: Domestic Employees & Management

Selling the Bolt: Domestic Manufacturing, Global Brand

1. Marketing Strategy: Preliminary Marketing in August, 2017

2. Pricing Strategy: Mid-cost EV for the Middle Class - $37,500 Post-Subsidies

3. CSR: Ethically Sourced, Made in China

Research & Development

1. Low Emission Vehicle Technology: Develop Low Cost Production Techniques

2. EV for the SUV: Utilize Universal Electric Drive Train Technology

3. Factory 4.0: The Robotic Factory


1. The Required: Positioning for Beijing's Regulations

2. The Long Term: Adapting for the Future

3. The Money: Improving Existing Revenue


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