The Harn Dylan stavitsky

Medium/technique of the art: The piece of art pictured above is named Zandvoort by Frank Stella in 1981. This sculpture immediately caught my eye when i walked into the museum. The complexity of it all caught my attention and brought me excitement and curiosity. I think that seeing this artwork in person rather than in a textbook or as an image on the computer helped me better understand it better just because of its complex nature. It's a 3D sculpture that seeing in person, i really got to look at it from different angles and understand it better. The medium of the artwork that i found to be so striking was the metal that the art was made out of. It was striking because it was something you could easily find in your home, or at the dump and someone would easily throw out, yet the artist turned this into art. It showed me that anything can be turned into art with a little creativity and an open mind. This artwork made me feel inspired that if i put my mind to something and create out of something that would be deemed useless to the average person.
Design of the museum: For this part of the museum, the second i walked in and saw this exhibit it intrigued me. I think that especially with everything that's been going on recently with African Americans and the increased sensitivity surrounding the topic, it was awesome to see something completely dedicated to accomplishments and artwork created from Africa. I also found this exhibit especially appealing because of the simplicity of the front and all throughout the exhibit. It made me feel very calm and serene as i was walking through it and opened my mind to the fact that sometimes less is better. All of the artwork was very unique and intriguing and just made me realize how beautiful it is how every culture is so different and how much we can learn from each other.
Art and Core Values: This piece of artwork called "Family" by Agustin Cardenas is an abstract figure showing two parents connected with their child in their laps. This sculpture spoke volumes to me because of the extremely close ties i have to my family. This piece of artwork helps me explore and better understand my core value of family especially with moving to college. Growing up, family was always extremely important to me but i kind of took them for granted. Seeing this sculpture of a child with his parents immediately gave me flashbacks of to when i was little and all the amazing memories i've had with my family. This piece makes me nostalgic yet also extremely grateful for what i have and made me realize how much i should cherish my family. It helps me better understand what i believe in or cherish all that much more by not making the figures super descriptive, so it allows me to see myself and my parents in the sculpture.
Art and the Good Life: This artwork called St. Jean's Bay by artist Leon Kroll evoked the good life theme of celebrating to me. In this photo, it immediately struck me for how calm and laid back the entire scene was. You see young people lounging by the ocean and serenity overflows the painting. I think this related to the good life theme of celebrating by just celebrating the life we have and to not take anything for granted. I think the main message i got from this painting was to just "be present" in life. To stop what i'm doing every once in a while and appreciate the ocean or the sunset or just the beauty of the world. To see how simple and easy life is depicted in this painting made me want to simplify my life and just take a step back and appreciate the little things. Life is beautiful all in itself and celebrating it for what it is i think is one of the most important things you can do.

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