Chris Stapleton 10.27.17

We're not sure how he does it, but for two years in a row Chris Stapleton has brought the most intense laid-back attitude we've ever seen to our stage. Somehow smooth, sweet and warm all at the same time, Stapleton blew us away all over again.

A cold night at The Pavilion meant it was time to bundle up, grab a drink and find a blanket. Even with the wind blowing, it felt like the perfect night to sit on the lawn, lean back and watch some incredible musicians go to work.

It was already dark by the time up and comer Brent Cobb took the stage - his grunge country guitar is best heard under a sky lit by stars.

Country legend Marty Stuart and his roaring band followed Cobb, rocking classics and clearly having a blast. The rowdy set featured riffing, harmonizing and drum beats that called for dancing feet.

Throughout the night and across The Pavilion, fans gathered wherever they could to witness a few minutes of the Astros incredible pursuit of winning the World Series. They may not have known it then, but their cheering would absolutely pay off. Go 'Stros! #EarnedHistory

It's hard to imagine a better husband-wife combination than Chris and Morgane Stapleton. Their harmonies cut to the bone and their chemistry is off the charts.

Oh, and they just announced that they're having twins!

Stapleton's shows are emotional, sure, but he fought hard to keep the night light-hearted and fun, too. Every few songs he'd give the dedicated crowd an Astros update with accompanying commentary. By the end of the night though, as the Astros were holding on for the win, we were all focused on the music. And some kind of music it was.

"Tennessee Whiskey", "Traveller" and the impeccably beautiful "Fire Away" wrapped up a set that left the Pavilion crowd begging for more.

Luckily, Stapleton felt the same way. He returned to the stage for an encore (or two) that left us absolutely stunned and absolutely thankful.

We hope you got to enjoy this incredible night with us - if not, well, we'll see you next time!

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