Worldwide, malaria takes the lives of nearly half a million people each year. You can join our global movement working to change that.

A child still dies every two minutes from malaria, a deadly yet entirely preventable and treatable disease.

This year, the global fight against malaria is more important than ever. COVID-19 has threatened our progress, in some places hindering the delivery of bed nets and other critical malaria prevention and treatment tools.

Deaths from malaria could increase by 36% in the next five years due to disrupted access to health services, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These deaths are preventable.


Malaria is entirely preventable and treatable, yet many mothers, fathers, and children throughout sub-Saharan Africa - especially those in rural communities and conflict areas - still die of this disease because they don't have access to lifesaving prevention and treatment tools.

Simple, affordable solutions like bed nets can protect families from malaria and in some cases, even save a life. Just $10 is enough to send two bed nets to protect a mother, father, or child in need.

And this holiday season, we’re aiming to give the gift of health for 100,000 people by December 31st!


1. Give #HealthforHolidays Today

The best way to get started is by taking the first step yourself! Give the gift of #HealthforHolidays and help protect 100,000 people by December 31st.

Your gift will help families throughout sub-Saharan Africa access lifesaving malaria prevention, treatment, and testing tools.

We know that this holiday season is especially tough for many, with families and friends remaining socially distant. We've also been acutely reminded this year about the importance of health and not taking it for granted. When you give the gift of #HealthforHolidays, you'll have the option to make your gift on behalf of someone you love, whether they’re near or far. You can even choose a special #HealthforHolidays e-card to notify your friends and family.

Join us and give a gift that matters most this holiday - the gift of health.

2. Start your own Fundraiser

Create Your Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook is an easy and fun way to raise money and awareness for our #HealthforHolidays campaign. We've created a step-by-step guide to help you utilize your network and reach your fundraising goal:

1. Starting out: Go to your News Feed landing page. Click the "Fundraisers" button on the left menu of your Explore list.

2. Select Nothing But Nets: Once you've clicked on "Fundraisers," Facebook will present you with two options to either raise money for a nonprofit and charity or an individual friend. Click on the first option and select Nothing But Nets!

3. Personalize and Create: Choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details. A template and examples for Nothing But Nets will appear once you've selected us. While the Nothing But Nets language is a helpful guide, we want to make sure YOU are making it YOUR own fundraiser. So add your story, why you chose Nothing But Nets, and click create!

4. Share: Once you create a Facebook fundraiser, make sure you share it consistently. Friends will automatically get a notification for birthdays, but you can increase exposure by asking friends to also share your fundraiser or making it part of a new profile picture. Remember, the first 24 hours of a Facebook fundraiser are the most important, so the more exposure during this time period the better.

Build Your Personal Fundraising Page

You can also create your own personal fundraising page through our Nothing But Nets website! Create your own fundraising campaign here. Follow the five easy steps below to set yourself up for success:

1. Make a donation to your own page. People are more likely to donate when they see that someone else has already contributed.

2. Set a time frame and a fundraising goal. Decide how long your fundraiser will run (we recommend 2-4 weeks) and how much money you want to raise. Setting a time frame creates a sense of urgency and people are more likely to give when they know they are helping you reach a goal.

3. Make it personal! Add pictures and videos to the page and tell potential donors why you support Nothing But Nets. Remember, donors will be interested in our cause but they are primarily interested in you. Check out our Nothing But Nets Media Kit for photos and logos and here's some sample language to get you started:

This holiday, I joined a global grassroots movement to fight malaria. I'm going to give the gift of #HealthforHolidays and help protect 100,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa from this preventable yet deadly disease. Help me reach my goal by donating to this page today!

4. Share with your inner circle first. Before posting on social media, send out your fundraising page to your inner circle of friends and family. Let them know why you are supporting Nothing But Nets and encourage them to make a donation - even if it's $10! After this, share the page with your broader circle or friends, classmates, and co-workers.

5. Make Multiple Touch Points. People receive SO many emails so don't be frustrated if your first email doesn't lead to a donation. Continue to email your network sharing the graphics below, updating them on your progress, and letting them know when you are close to your fundraising goal.

Host Your Own Virtual Event

1. Learn the facts. Before you start planning your virtual fundraiser, familiarize yourself with some of the key stats in the fight against malaria and check out our Nothing But Nets Media Kit for downloadable resources!

2. Start planning. Make a list of all the people you could possibly invite to come to your virtual event. Remember- this is a campaign that everyone can support; it only takes $10 to send two bed nets to families most in need. Send an email to info@nothingbutnets.org to let us know about your virtual event!

3. Get creative! Choose what kind of virtual event you'd like to host. We've got some options to get you started:

Virtual Trivia Night: Host a virtual trivia night and ask your friends/family to donate $10 to participate! Use these facts + stats to build out your malaria trivia questions.

Virtual 5K: Invite friends and neighbors and gather a virtual team to run a 5K! Create your personal fundraising page and ask participants to register online with a donation to Nothing But Nets. Whether you're running separately or together (yet socially distanced!), rally your community for this great cause.

Virtual Movie Night: Get a group of friends together (virtually!) and dine in. Enjoy some food and beverages and set up a screening of our original film Under the Net for your friends. Ask participants to give a gift of #Health4Holidays post-viewing.

Virtual Cooking Lesson: Gather your friends and family online and learn how to cook a new meal! Choose a recipe and have participants register online with a donation on your personal fundraising page.

4. Deposit funds. You can deposit funds raised online, give to your online fundraising page, or send a check to this address: United Nations Foundation/Nothing But Nets PO Box 96539 Washington, DC 20077-7639

3. Get Social

Joining the Nothing But Nets #HealthforHolidays campaign is a great way to honor a friend, colleague, or loved one while remaining socially distanced this holiday. When you give the gift of #HealthforHolidays, you'll have the option to choose a special #HealthforHolidays e-card to give in their honor.

This year, we want to protect 100,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa from malaria. That's a big goal - but together, we can get there.

Give the gift of #HealthforHolidays and invite your friends to join our global movement to end malaria - for good!

Spread the love and download our #HealthforHolidays Zoom backgrounds!

Download your #HealthforHolidays Zoom background here!

Facebook & Instagram Posts

In 2020, the global fight to #EndMalaria is more important than ever. A recent study found that deaths from malaria could increase by 36% in the next five years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But these deaths are preventable...and you can help. This holiday, join us and @NothingButNetsofficial to give the gift of #HealthforHolidays 🎁 to protect 150,000 people from malaria by December 31st - nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your friends and family members this holiday? Maybe perfection isn’t what we should be striving for - perhaps we should aim for something much bigger. This year, you can give a gift that really matters 🎁 #HealthForHolidays. Your donation on behalf of a friend, colleague, or family member will make someone else's holidays a little brighter - nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays

Over 400,000 people died from malaria - an entirely preventable and treatable disease in 2018. For the price of less than one meal ($10), you can protect a family from malaria. Join us and give the gift that matters most this holiday - the gift of health - nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays #HealthforHolidays.

The health of our neighbors here at home and across the globe matter more today than ever before. Help build a world that looks like this: 🤗instead of this: 🤒. Give the gift of #HealthForHolidays this season and join @nothingbutnets in protecting 150,000 people from malaria by December 31st - nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays

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Twitter Posts

You can’t buy hope, but you *can* help create a world filled with it. When you give the gift of #HealthForHolidays through @nothingbutnets, you can help move us closer to a world where no one dies from a mosquito bite. Learn more here: nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays

This holiday, I joined a global grassroots movement to fight malaria. Learn how you can join me to give the gift of #HealthforHolidays and help protect 150,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa from this preventable yet deadly disease - nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays

Every two minutes, a child dies from malaria, but these deaths are preventable. Join us and @Nothingbutnets to give a gift 🎁 of #HealthforHolidays and help us reach our goal of protecting 150,000 people from malaria by Dec.31st - nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays

This year, the gift of health is more important than ever. For just $10, you can send 2 lifesaving bed nets to families at risk of malaria. Join us and @Nothingbutnets to help safeguard the health of 150,000 people by Dec.31st! nothingbutnets.net/HealthforHolidays #HealthforHolidays

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