Tarantino Restaurant and Bar is worth the high price

When driving by the Westport train station, one cannot help but notice the amazing aroma of Italian food. That intriguing smell from outside is coming from 30 Railroad Place, where Tarantino Restaurant and Bar is located.

Menu from Tarantino

The wooden walls and ceilings give the restaurant a rustic look on the interior, while the black and white bar along with the Italian photographs gives a sense of comfort. However, it remains elegant and modernized, making it very aesthetically pleasing.

Photos such as these are utilized by the restaurant to provide an old Italian feel (Photos provided by Pexels, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.)

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly host who requested the name for reservation and sat me immediately at a quaint table for three. Just after I sat, I received a glass of ice water and a menu consisting of many options. These options range from cocktail di gamberi (steamed shrimp with salsa) all the way to ossobuco (braised veal shank over saffron risotto).

The bread one receives upon arrival and some of the menu featured at Tarantino (photos taken by Jack Lev '20.)

To start, I ordered the stuffed artichoke which I shared with my parents, while my dad elected for the shrimp cocktail and my mom requested the gnocchi with eggplant and tomato sauce. The stuffed artichoke was delicious as it was not too salty, but certainly not sweet. The dish was the proper size for my parents and I to share considering it was an appetizer. The other two dishes my parents ordered were also a good portion for an appetizer; they will satisfy, but not make you full so you are ready to indulge in the main course.

Shrimp cocktail (3$ each). Photo taken by Jack Lev '20.

Gnocchi (25$). Photo taken by Jack Lev '20.

Stuffed artichoke ($13). Photo taken by Jack Lev '20.

For my entree, I went with the classic chicken parmesan. It was spectacular. Served with a side of crunchy, yet soft potatoes and savory broccoli, this dish was done perfectly right. It took approximately 10 minutes for the chicken parmesan to come; the chicken was big, but manageable, so I was able to finish it. The chicken’s golden undertone, brown base, marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella were a perfect blend. The dish was crispy and tasty. Although I could eat this dish at least three days a week, it was large and dense which made me very full.

Considering we were all pretty full, my parents and I neglected to order dessert. However based on prior knowledge, I would highly recommend the homemade ricotta cheesecake; its sweetness is truly a thing of beauty. It’s rich and flavorful and the perfect way to top off a phenomenal dinner.

Overall, my experience at Tarantino Restaurant and Bar was positive. The service was fast, the waiter was pleasant and the staff attentive. The only negative I took away was the restaurant was a bit packed, so at times it became a bit too loud. Although the food was quality, it was a bit expensive as Tarantino is on the fancier side of the scale. The stuffed artichoke was $13, the gnocchi amounted to $25, the shrimp cocktail costed $3 each and the chicken parmesan was $24. Although the prices are a bit high, you are certainly getting your bang for your buck as the portions are fairly large and the quality of taste is remarkable. Furthermore, if you’re willing to spend a bit more than usual and are looking for a classic Italian meal, Tarantino Restaurant and Bar is the place to be.

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